Our 1000th Post – A Review of the Best of NoMasCoach

Emotional Support Animals, United Airlines Lawsuits, Dead Pilots, In-flight Masturbation, Discount Airfare, and More! 

Wow, how time flies. It seems like just yesterday that we were talking to Randy and the group over at BoardingArea about becoming a part of the platform, and before you know it, 1,000 posts later, we’re still here.

It’s been one heck of a ride, and over the years we’ve had some really popular posts. Some of them, because of they were just straight up controversial, and some of them because the fare sales were unheard of. Since the beginning we’ve also added a new writer, Stephen, who’s adding his unique view to the page and offers insight from a European perspective.

A quick thanks to all of you that have followed us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), joined our email list, and used our travel booking service. For that, we’re very appreciative, and we’re looking forward to bringing you insight, news, and snark, for another 1,000 posts and beyond.

Here’s a recap of our top dozen that we’ve compiled over the years. 

United Airlines

United Friendly Skies ad

The Most Controversial

United Threatens Skiplaggers with Court Action – United Airlines threatens to sue passengers who use Skiplagged, a platform that allows you to find cheaper tickets by skirting the airlines’ archaic routing rules and fare structure.

Can you afford to fly First Class? – We thought that this would be more helpful than controversial, but apparently the idea that everyone can fly up front was a shocker. It truly is possible, with patience and time.

The Secret Denver Airport Security Line – What we thought would be a helpful puff piece turned into a scathing argument laden comment thread. We had to edit a lot… apparently people didn’t like us revealing the secret line…

Denver Airport Bridge Security

Denver Airport Bridge Security Entrance

Warning – Banks will tax your Airline Miles – Perhaps people are moving towards cash back from mileage cards now, but some banks will be sending you 1099 forms, assigning values to your miles. Watch out!

Fare Sales / Airlines

$700 to Europe in Business Class – New Year’s morning was a great day for people looking for flights to Europe. Coast to Coast to various cities in Europe for only $700.

The not-so-secret was to Alaska Airlines upgrades – Sometimes airline upgrades are easier than you may think.

British Airways Club World Suite (courtesy of British Airways)

British Airways Business Class Sale – Black Friday is the best time to find airfare sales, and British Airways never disappoints.

Aeromexico Donald Trump Sale – It’s no secret that Donald Trump had a lot to say about Mexicans during his presidential campaign. Well, Aeromexico had a lot to say about Donald Trump too.

News, Advice, Snark, and More

Why now is the Best and Worst Time to Buy Airline Tickets – The Coronavirus has offered some amazing opportunities to get some great deals, but you’ve got to realize the inherent risks involved.

Etihad Seat

Etihad Seat

Etihad Pilot Dies in flight – This was truly a sad moment, and amazing that everyone else landed safe and sound.

Masturbation causes Air France Cancellation – Yup, you got it. An interesting read, to say the least.

Our most commented post ever

And finally, the post that got the most comments in our 3+ years was… on emotional support animals. They’re getting out of control, and we wrote a post about how a woman brought a fake emotional support animal on to a Delta international flight, and it attacked a flight attendant. We had to remove a lot of naughty words from the comment threads, but its a good read. Feel free to add your own.

Emotional Support Animal

Dog on a Plane

Thank You – from the Bottom of our Hearts

We appreciate you reading us, and appreciate you sticking with us through this coronavirus outbreak. We can’t wait to get back to bringing you great sales, fun stories, and amazing trip reports. Here’s to the next 1,000 posts.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Congratulations. Your blog definitely has a different feel from many on boarding Area, which is nice.

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    • We hope to bring a little snark along with our knowledge. Thanks Christian!

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  2. Congrats to you and Ben!!!!! 🙂

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    • Thanks Joey. Glad you’re still here too reading 😉

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  3. Jon and Ben Congratulations for a job well done!

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    • Thank you!!!

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  4. Just a shoutout to you guys-Jon, Ben, and now, Stephen. I always look forward to your posts and congratulations on your 1000 post milestone!
    Stay safe and I can’t wait for the skies to open up safely again.

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  5. Just a shoutout to you guys-Jon, Ben, and now, Stephen. I always look forward to your posts and congratulations on your 1000 post milestone!
    Stay safe and I can’t wait for the skies to open up safely again.

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    • Appreciate you. Thank you so much.

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