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Air France Downgrading La Premiere Deal

There’s some good news and some bad news on the Air France La Premiere deals. However, most of you will probably be disappointed.

How Airbnb is Endangering the Lives of Tourists

It is no secret that because of the Coronavirus many parts of the world are...

Why now is the Best (and Worst) time to buy Airline Tickets

Air travel has slowed to a crawl. People are self-isolating, social...

Why we’re Switching to Cash Back Credit Cards – and You Should Too

Travel is so important for all of us. Not only does it improve your view of...

Act Fast! Air France First Class La Premiere to the USA for 468

Air France La Premiere has a First Class sale to the West Coast of the USA and Houston, TX

Can’t Travel? How about a Free Hotel Bed?

If Coronavirus has got you holed up in your house and not leaving, but you...

Airbnb’s Coronavirus Policy

Like many of you, I’ve had travel plans interrupted by the COVID-19...

Delta Suspends over Half a Dozen European Routes

Delta is suspending some flights to and from Europe as of Friday at 11:59pm...

Disneyland is Closing due to Coronavirus Pandemic Concerns

Disneyland is closing due to concerns over the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Cancellation Policies for Airlines across the Globe

The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the airline industry worldwide. A few...


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