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First Class Thanksgiving Sale on Delta Airlines

Thanksgiving can be stressful, and expensive. Luckily, Delta is coming to the rescue with a sale on First Class seats over the holiday season!

Turbulence Sends Passengers to Hospital

I’ll never get tired of saying it. Wear your goddamn seat belt at all...

What the Hell is Wrong with Breakfast in the United States?

How many times have I heard “breakfast is the most important meal of the...

Safeway, Albertsons, Vons and American Express Gold, The Perfect Combination.

It seems that in today’s miles and points world there are always new...

Alaska Airlines Incredibles Sale, 2 days, from $54

Alaska Airlines is back with another of their famous flash sales, and this...

Not even selling Heroin and Cocaine could keep Sears alive

Sears has sold a lot of things in the 125 years that it’s been around, including cocaine! It’s going to take a lot of patience and ingenuity to get Sears back from the brink of death this time, however.

Condor Business Class Review, Frankfurt to Calgary

Condor offers a fairly reliable business class service to and from Europe...

United Airlines threatens Skiplagged clients with Collections

United has taken to threatening people with debt collection to try and get money back from Skiplagged, a site that uses loopholes to save fliers hundreds of dollars on flights.

CLEAR adds its next airport… Fort Lauderdale!

Clear has been around now for many years, and all frequent travelers know...

How we booked Kenya Airways new JFK-NBO Business Class with Miles

In just under two weeks in late October, Kenya Airways is set to start their...

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