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How to get a Covid Test in Europe

Now is a great time to go visit Europe. The streets aren’t full, lines...

Tips and Tricks to See Italy like a Pro

From food to culture, visiting Italy can be daunting for a first timer, but with these Tips and Tricks, you’ll leave feeling like you did everything right.

Honolulu Delta SkyClub Review

Relaxing in a lounge pre-flight makes all the difference, and the Honolulu SkyClub doesn’t disappoint with a wide range of food and drinks, with free wifi.

We’re Heading to the Burj al Arab!

The Burj al Arab is the world’s only 7 star hotel and also the most recognizable. Now, we’re going to be their next hotel guests!

Expo 2020 Dubai – Everything You Need to Know

The time has come! The Expo 2020 Dubai (now technically 2021) is upon us,...

Rumor: American Airlines Award Devaluation Coming Soon

Of the big three US carriers, Delta and United have both devalued their...

How to get the EU Green Pass as an American Citizen

The European Green Pass is required for many indoor activities and tourist sites throughout Europe. It’s currently available to European Citizens, but you can also get it as an American

Our Favorite Discounted Wine is back for Two Days

Three times a year, Last Bottle Wines comes out with a sale where, using your sign up bonus, your wine can be free or nearly free! Now’s the chance for that sweet grape juice at a great price.

Today is the Last Day to Book Emirates Awards with Alaska Airlines

Today, July 31st, is the last day Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members will...

Alaska Airlines Finally allows Qatar Airways Redemptions

Alaska Airlines is slowly rolling out award charts for their partners. Today, Qatar Airways is that partner, with Alaska Mileage Plan members allowed to now use their hard earned miles for the trip of a lifetime.


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