Delta and American Airlines drop Mask Mandate, Will not Enforce

Following Alaska Airlines and continuing in the path of the court ruling overturning the CDC mandate, Delta Airlines and American Airlines have dropped the requirement to wear masks, known as the mask mandate, effectively immediately. News is happening pretty quickly, so expect a slow rollout for signage and employee adoption in US airports.

Per the communication from the White House, the mask mandate will no longer be enforced on domestic flights or in airports, but they may still be required for international flights, depending on the country’s specific requirements.

American Airlines and Delta released there messages at the same time, 7pm eastern. The messages are quite different however. 

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From the American Airlines Release:

We are deeply grateful to our team members for their enforcement of the mandate, and will share more information about this transition in the coming days.

From the Delta Airlines News Release:

We are relieved to see the U.S. mask mandate lift to facilitate global travel as COVID-19 has transitioned to an ordinary seasonal virus. Thank you for your support in complying with the federal mask mandate and keeping each other, and our customers, safe during the pandemic.

We’re still waiting to hear an official release from United Airlines, so in the meantime, if you were wondering if you have to wear a mask on your flight, if you’re flying on Alaska, American, or Delta, the answer is “it’s up to you.”

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Follow the, erm, science… right?

    Wasn’t that what democrats screamed for two years.

    Now it’s all undone, all illegal, and probably did more harm than good.

    “Follow the power!”

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    • “Follow the power,” indeed. consider the source in this case. It’s not science, it’s a Trumper judge.

      I am thankful for mask wearing and trying to flatten the curve originally. My ICU Covid daughter nurse finally after a year and a half or so burned out she had to take a break.

      Yes it’s about power. Republican and frightened power, frightened of economic harm rather than our lives. This Trump appointed Florida federal judge does indeed have enormous power as do all federal judges.

      Do you think masks really don’t help? Next time you go in for invasive abdominal, brain or heart surgery, tell your nurses and doctors masks are harming your freedom and no one should wear it while they’re exploring your exposed body cavity. Don’t be ridiculous.

      As to a fallacious argument argument that people breathe their own CO2 and masks are so harmful physically, medical providers dropping dead or having asthmatic attacks like flies because they’re breathing their own breath. If they can make it on their feet for 12 to 16 hour shifts, you can kindly wear a mask around others to protect us all and get us out of this hellish 2+ years together. Stop it.

      I spent at least a month a year in Italy for decades. I’m desperate to travel again and hope by this fall it’ll be safer for us all. I don’t understand what is so hard for so many of you to look at this as “if we’re all in this together will all get out of it together happier and safer.” It’s really not all about you.

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  2. To all the flight attendants who made travel absolutely insufferable for the last two years: Go To Hell.

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    • That’s a bit much don’t you think?

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    • To all the flight attendants who have suffered with horrible narcissistic rude and abusive travelers, my gratitude for your patience during what must be exceptionally different and difficult emotional times. That must’ve been frightening and distressing for you most days. Thank you for your service.

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  3. Keep us safe. Keep the mask mandate!!

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