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First Class Flying

No Mas Coach! is a blog where we hope to help you, the reader, learn some of the tips, tricks, and secrets of how you can fly first or business class wherever you go, for a fraction of the cost.  It’s our goal here to help you sit up front and make travel an enjoyable experience because, lets be honest, no one likes sitting in row 30 in the middle seat!

Throughout this blog, you’ll learn ways to earn frequent flier miles doing your average day to day activities, and some ways to go a bit out of your way to earn extra miles as well.  Also, we’ll highlight the best fares, deals, and opportunities to fly around the world on a shoestring budget.

Subscribe and follow along as we’ll be posting new content often.  Feel free to email us with any questions you have, and we look forward to seeing you up front with us on your next flight.