Business Class to Buenos Aires and Bankgok on Sale with United Airlines Miles

There seems to be a sale right now on United Airlines flights to Buenos Aires and Bangkok with United. So long as the last leg is operated by either Thai Airways or Swiss/Ethiopian, you’re good to go.

Availability isn’t from all cities, but try the ones near you to see if you can snag a deal. I’m seeing Sacramento, San Jose, Seattle and Portland on the West Coast, along with other cities on the East Coast.

Dates are hit or miss, and you don’t need anything special to snag the deals. You can find availability scattered throughout the schedule. Here’s an example of SMF-IAH-EZE at 155,000 miles, and a routing through Chicago and Sao Paolo (continuing on Ethiopian Airlines) for less than half the price at 60,000 miles.

a screenshot of a flight schedule

And here’s another option for San Jose to Bangkok routing via Munich OR Tokyo continuing on to BKK airport for only 60,000 miles each.

a screenshot of a flight schedule

Routing Back to the USA

The routings work on the reverse as well, so feel free to check your city on the return and see where you can get. Remember, that once your plane hits the USA you’re going to grab your luggage and head to your next flight. In many cases, you can snag a flight to your desired city once you get to the mainland.

For example, if your flight flies from Bangkok to Munich to Washington DC, you could get off in DC and head to the city of your choice.

This is a great option to explore some amazing cities. We’ve visited Buenos Aires multiples times, and can’t wait to head back over there. We’re heading down in October since the weather will be getting nicer. Also, the currency exchange rate is quite favorable to foreigners, meaning you can score some amazing deals on food, wine, and even lodging.

How to get United Miles

The easiest and fastest way is to get your Chase Ultimate Rewards points to transfer to United Airlines. These miles usually post instantly, but could take up to two days if a lot of people are doing transfers. Some of our friends reported miles coming right away, and the others took about 24 hours. Remember that you can’t book flights until you have the required miles in your account, so get to transferring!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Would be helpful to at least provide a date range. Summer/winter makes a difference for South America

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    • It’s available throughout the entire schedule. You can go in September, January, or even March. Up to you!

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