Masturbation Causes Air France Flight Cancellation

Well, file this under weird news.

But also under I really can’t believe that other people are ignoring the report about this incident being a sexual harassment one and NOT a ‘look at the terrible things that happen in third world countries’ and yet another occurrence of abuse of power, even comparing it to other completely unrelated events, as if none of this ever happened in the US. Even some really large blog went into a tirade that reeks of first world entitlement by assuming that since this happened in what they perceive to be a third world country, it couldn’t have been anything other than corruption and abuse of power

Air France from

Air France from

So far, this is what has been quoted from Aviation24, which is mostly a regurgitation of the official communique put out by the Air France’s union:

The passenger was travelling on board Air France flight AF228 to Buenos Aires on 29 October 2017. Apparently, she asked for an upgrade to business class but was denied the upgrade as the business class was fully booked. In-flight the same passenger asked to change her seat again due to the “inappropriate behaviour†of her neighbour. The crew didn’t notice anything particular but complied with the passenger’s request and assigned her a new seat.


After landing and following a complaint from the same passenger, part of the crew was forced to go to the airport police station. After staying there for six hours, the crew was released, but at the hotel, an injunction was handed over to the crew to report to the Buenos Aires court the next morning at 8:30. The crew became aware that the passenger was the daughter of a former Deputy Minister of Justice and now a Buenos Aires magistrate.


After several hours, he could finally speak to a lawyer to file a complaint about his treatment. The other crew members were heard for many hours, but the purser was interrogated only at 20:00. Next to the judge, the father of the passenger was also present to interrogate the crew members, in Spanish.

According to the Syndicat National du Personnel Navigant Commercial, who is defending the crew, as it should, the crew was submitted to ‘a calvary’ by local authorities, and put a lot of stress on the passenger’s family connection (she is the daughter of Ricardo Klass, former Deputy Minister of Justice until 1997). What they, and everyone else, fail to mention is that the reason the crew-members were interrogated and detained for hours is that they failed to do anything after she notified them the passenger sitting next to her was openly masturbating.

Cedric Carayon, who seems to be the jerk accused passenger, was detained after the female passenger in question spoke to the Airport Police in Ezeiza after deplaning Air France flight AF228 from Paris to Buenos Aires on October 29th, and was formally accused of an equivalent to indecent exposure. After the first time she mentioned this to the crew – which went ignored – she says ‘the man unzipped his pants and started doing masturbation motions under the pillow he used as cover’, as reported by local newspapers.

a man in a suit holding a bag and standing in front of an airplane

Now, I don’t mean to say the crew’s complaints about being mistreated aren’t important but they’re not in any way mutually exclusive. If they were mistreated that needs to be investigated. It is an altogether different thing if they felt mistreated because they were detained and interrogated. It’s important to note that, they were interrogated to obtain more information about this case, since the purser might also be charged with accessory to the crime (as he failed to put a stop to the sexual harassment) and threats (as he told the female passenger she would be detained upon landing if she didn’t go back to her seat).

Apparently, when interrogated, all crew-members mentioned being told by the purser that she had reported sexual harassment, yet he failed to inform the pilot of the facts, and instead of containing a victim of a potential sexual crime, he further victimized her and treated her as a disruptive passenger.

Other points:

  • The crew was detained for a long period of time since they, being French speakers, and Argentina requiring all legal matters be carried out in Spanish, they had to resort to interpreters to bridge that gap.
  • The victim’s father was present during the depositions since he is representing his daughter in this case.
  • She was in fact moved to the jump seat so she wouldn’t have to share the row with the perv, but was later asked to go back next to him for landing – which she refused to do for the most obvious of reasons.


Hard to believe in today’s day and age and after the past few weeks of hearing nothing but outrage about the likes of Weinstein, Moore and Louis CK being total perverts and criminals we still disregard this as ‘this woman was unhappy with her treatment onboard’.



Author: Ben Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. daugher of former Deputy Minister of Justice, Papa should afford her business ticket,

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    • Papa should have taught you not to take sexual harassment lightly, especially when women are perfectly capable of buying their own tickets.

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  2. masturbation on a plane? can’t be tolerated

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  3. Sorry Ben, your post is disingenuous. You say the flight was cancelled due to masturbation. We don’t know if masturbation occurred. Nothing you or anyone else reporting indicate anyone saw or witnessed said masturbation.

    I am not saying it didn’t happen, but none of the flight attendants or the purser (or any other passengers for that matter) saw it taking place. Otherwise you would have said so.

    Perhaps you think they should have handcuffed the guy and moved her up to business.

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    • You also don’t know or have witnesses to any of the other allegations being reported yet you had no issues believing them. I do think the crew is responsible for the safety of passengers and that includes keeping them away from pervs.

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  4. A passenger masturbating on a flight doesn’t mean that you have to detain the cabin crew for six hours! And to get them to court the next day without basic legal rights!

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    • No. But a passenger sexually harassing another passenger and the crew doing nothing to prevent it does mean that Argentinian court will detain you for questioning. Like you can in fact read in my post, if the crew were mistreated it needs to be investigated, but it doesn’t change the fact their sole purpose is to safeguard passengers integrity and they failed at doing so.

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      • Hey hey now .. Have we gotten so stuck up we can’t laugh about this guy joining the mile high club solo? . if I was her I’d have ragged on him for it and get eveyone to laugh at him .i mean really she said he covered up with a pillow so she didn’t eben see anything . I think u all need to pull the stick out ya butts and laugh a little

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        • No. I really tried but still can’t find it funny at all.

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    • Apparently, there are pervs in all means of transport!

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  5. Which flt was cancelled, as the headline says? I didn’t see anything in the text about a xln.

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    • Since the crew was detained, they couldn’t fly back.

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