The Secret Denver Airport Security Line Revealed!

Denver Airport has always been one of the largest fuster clucks when it comes to security. The lines are long, crowded, noisy, and always busy. The PreCheck line seems to always be 30-40 people deep, the priority line snakes on forever, and if you’re in Gen Pop, forget it. I hope you enjoy waiting. But, that’s probably because you don’t know about the secret Denver airport security line 🙂 

Denver Airport is divided into two sections, East and West, and both have their own security checkpoints. But, there is a third checkpoint that is almost always deserted, quiet, has no lines, and gets you to your gates (and the airport lounges) in under 10 minutes. Too good to be true? Nope!

Denver airport security tea

Airport Security is a mess

I apologize in advance to anyone who knew about this quiet, remote, secret, never busy security line and you feel like I’ve just ruined your special Denver treasure. The truth is that I was conflicted about writing this post. I wanted to keep this little secret all to ourselves, and truth be told, it’s not THAT big of a secret, it’s just that most people don’t even bother looking and walk right by it.

Bridge Security

When you arrive in the West terminal and check in for your flight, drop off your bags and head to the left. If you arrive in the East terminal, walk all the way to the right. Once you hit the end, you’ll be walking for about 50 feet before you hear the chaos. It’s the Denver Airport Security. Ahhh!!! Run!!! You look down to your right and see the hundreds of people all milling through stanchions like lemmings and you start to try and mentally judge to yourself how long it’s going to take for you to get through that mess.

Stop. Breathe. Look behind you. There it is. The entrance to “Bridge Security.” Welcome to Denver’s best kept secret.

Denver Airport Bridge Security

No lines. No chaos. No noise. Just a simple, clean, and calm experience that can get you to your gate quick and easy.

Denver Airport Bridge Security

Denver Airport Bridge Security Entrance

TSA PreCheck is on the left hand side, premium passengers to the far right. We were #4 in line for PreCheck. Total time from bag drop through security, 8 minutes.

Denver Airport Bridge Security TSA

TSA PreCheck here!

Once you get past this glorious checkpoint you’ll go over a moving walkway and be dumped out into the A gates. Right in front of you is the Delta SkyClub, the USO lounge, and the American Admiral’s Club/British Galleries Lounge.

Denver Airport Bridge Security

The long walk with NO passengers

If you’re departing out of B or C gates, just take the elevator all the way down to “level B” for basement and you’ll be at the trains. Alaska Airlines and Southwest depart out of C, United out of B, and everyone else departs out of A gates.

Denver Airport Bridge Security

Denver Airport Bridge Security – easy access to the lounges!

I fully expect all the hate comments and hate mail to come from seasoned DEN travelers, but it just wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t share this with everyone.

So, with that said, are you going to try the secret Denver Airport Security next time you travel?

If you have before, let us know below!

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Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Not to much longer for this secret to be had.. As part of the great hall renovation tsa is getting condensed to one large check point on level 6 of the terminal. So no more bridge security no more east or west security either… Enjoy it while you can…

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    • On level 6?! Isn’t that the very top? That sounds like it could be an even bigger mess. Do you know when this is supposed to start/end?

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    • Just stumbling upon this now, 2+ years later… while double checking the security wait time link.

      Jon, crap like this is why we are disgusted at all of you transplant people that cannot just shut up and enjoy Colorado’s secrets as you discover them. Or if you are actually from here, you should know better. Why didn’t you listen to your conflicted feelings and do the right thing? Geeez.

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      • Love you too Lisa – mean it 🙂

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  2. Come on man! You can’t be sharing private info! Now it will be a shit show everywhere!

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    • Oopsie 🙂

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    • Dude, come on. You had to write this? What’s next, blowing up secret campsites? Fishing holes? Not cool at all.

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      • I would never blow up fishing holes or campsites. I love nature!

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  3. Last time I was in Denver, I checked TSA app for security wait times. My wife and I schlepped all the way over to the bridge because the TSA app said zero minute wait time! Well, guess what? There was a zero minute wait time Because the bridge checkpoint was closed! I can’t figure out who is more incompetent – TSA or DEN

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    • Hahaha. I don’t mean to laugh 🙂 but that is funny.

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      • I’ve used it many times, and it’s been crowded on about half those occasions, though not in contention with the E and W lines. I just figured most folks didn’t want to walk to it. I’m not even mad you “outted” the gate!

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  4. This is a great bonus if your headed to the lounge but Everytime I try to use it the precheck line is closed. Then you have to backtrack down to the regular line with 100 people in precheck go all the way around on the train. Pita.

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  5. Did this on Wednesday (July 19, 2017). It was indeed much less crowded and I was through there fast, but there was no TSA Pre line. I went through the status line. Been a long time since I’ve had to remove my shoes!

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  6. As noted, the TSA PreCheck line on the bridge is practically never open and most times, it’s really not that much faster than the other lines. I travel from DIA frequently and find the regular security lines to be no worse (and usually better) than those at other airports.

    The plan to move the TSA checkpoints upstairs to Level 6 is ludicrous. The best use of the “Great Hall” is to have a security area that doesn’t feel like a claustrophobic gate to hell.

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  7. Majority of the time you can just walk to the North side and catch a quicker line as well. The transit center is on the south side so most people just beeline into that security.

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  8. Article needs updating – the airport entrances are EAST and WEST sides.

    TSA Security is North, South and the bridge.

    The bridge used to be quick entry to the A gates but for a year and a half or two years now that no longer applies. Long lines and painfully slow with no supervisor capable of making decisions (they call Supervisor from regular TSA lines who takes half an hour to arrive (if you have any medical issues – use the North and South TSA – you will do better.

    Talking to airport people, the gate WILL remain after reconstruction the TSA area and ticketing will be on the top level (level 6). Other changes are going to really mess up meeting or seeing passengers arriving or departing.

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