Last Chance for our Favorite Travel Clothes at 50% off

We’ve written extensively in the past about our favorite travel clothes, Bluffworks. Their clothes combine perfectly to make a ton of wardrobes available, and with wrinkle, stain, and stink resistant fabric, throwing them in your backpack and heading on a road trip is easier than ever.

Some of their formal wear (suit separates, for example) along with some casual styles are available at 50% off, and sizes are going fast. We’ll share some of our experiences with these and by all means, if you’re thinking about snagging some, now’s the time.

Apart from their wrinkle resistant, their huge selling feature is that they are machine washable. No more heading to the dry cleaners and paying too much to keep your clothes clean.

We’ve written about them here, here, here, and here.

Hopsack Blazer

Bluff’s newest blazer, the Hopsack, is a linen-esque fabric, and is great for a casual night on the town. I recently tried mine while at a concert in Germany last week. It kept me warm, but not so warm that I was sweating everywhere. It paired nicely with their Ascender Chino pants as well (also on sale). 

For good measure, I threw on a Meridien shirt too (and how convenient! They’re also on sale).

It made for a formal, yet casual night out on the town. Once I was done for the night, I folded them back up and put them right back into my backpack.

Gramercy Blazer

Stepping up the formality from the Hopsack, I’ve headed to plenty of business meetings in my Gramercy blazer. I love that it travels easily and pulls out of the luggage/backpack with little to no wrinkles. 

My favorite color, the Northwest Grey, is one of the colors that’s on sale. To get a wrinkle-resistant, machine washable travel suit for around $200 is a screaming deal.

Piton Polo

Ben’s favorite travel shirt, the Piton polo, is also on sale. Some sizes have been flying off the shelf, so don’t wait too long for this one. 

It’s a very unique fabric with moisture wicking and tons of breathability. The collar helps step up the flexibility, as it’s different than just a regular t-shirt and we’ve found that when we go to a restaurant that has a dress code, having the collar helps.

Threshold T-Shirts (long sleeve)

Just in time for colder weather, my favorite travel t-shirt, the threshold, is on sale in their long sleeve format. I’ve got every color of the shortsleeved and two of the long-sleeved variety. 

They’re solid colors so they pair easily with just about everything, and offer that same wrinkle/smell resistant fabric. They’re easy to wash even if the sink (or a river!) if you have to…

What about Women’s Clothing?

Yup – women’s clothes are on sale too! While we can’t provide a personal review, we have plenty of friends in the travel biz that swear by their Trevi line. Having a travel blazer with pockets, or even a “little black dress” that fits easily into your wardrobe is so important. The best part, that little black dress also comes in other colors as well.

Pick up a few for yourself, or your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, or anyone else who appreciates a versatile, flexible, wardrobe option.

You’re going to get back to traveling more before you know it, so you might as well be comfortable while you’re at it. Enjoy!

Have you bought any Bluffworks? Share your experiences with us below.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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