Last Call for Bluffworks 20% Off

This is a public service announcement. As the year draws to a close, so does the up to 20% off on Bluffworks products on their website. If you’re into stylish clothes that don’t look like crap after a long flight, then run, don’t walk.

Blazer and Pants

If you travel for work like Jon and I do, and you don’t mind looking great while doing so, I would recommend jumping on this promo. I got my Bluffworks Gramercy Blazer over a year ago and have washed it exactly twice. Yes, you read that right, it’s machine washable and it looks great. It does not wrinkle and doesn’t require expensive dry cleaning to make it look great. All in all a great investment and now going for $235 instead of their regular $295.


If you’re trying to look all upscale and have a pair of matching pants, the now $112 Gramercy Pants turn an awesome blazer into a full suit, and since they both come in all three colors, you can mix and match.


They re-launched their shirts as Meridian 2.0, which have some enhancements compared to the previous iteration. Like most their products, these shirts are made of breathable, lightweight technical fabric but still manages to feel like cotton. They have tried to convince me to wear it for 5 days in a row with the promise that I will not stink, but I have passed up on the offer and have washed it after every use (I blame my OCD). Even so, after about at least fifty washes, no wear is showing.

Bluffworks Meridian Shirt

Bluffworks Meridian Shirt

Quilt and Baseball Cap

Bluffworks has also launched two new products recently that I haven’t had the chance to try yet, their Horizon Quilted Vest and Eardley Cap, and both look really cool. Except for the hat, all their products come with a wide variety of pockets, some hidden, some zippered. That’s one of the reasons I was quickly sold on wearing them particularly when I travel. Having been pick-pocketed before, this is definitely an extra step into not having that happen again.

Horizon Vest

Horizon Vest

Eardley Cap

Eardley Cap


If formal really isn’t your things (and for the most part, it isn’t mine) they will be launching the Departure Jeans very soon. That means we will probably be seeing the same great features we’ve seen in their pants, blazers and vests but in a more everyday style. I for one, cannot wait. After all I live on the West Coast and if I show up to work wearing a cool blazer and dress pants I will invariably be asked if I’m interviewing for other jobs…

No discount codes needed, all the discounts are already applied on the website’s prices. As usual, remember Bluffworks has a free exchanges policy in case you didn’t get your size right, and their customer service is beyond exceptional, so feel free to reach out to them for help! Bluffworks will also be at the NYTimes Travel show in New York City January 27 and 28 and will have their own booth, so if you’re planning to attend the show, do drop in to check them out.

Let us know if you’re planning on taking advantage of this Bluffworks end of year sale!

Author: Ben Nickel-D'Andrea

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