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One of the many things I expect when I travel is to never have to worry about certain menial tasks that invade your day-to-day life at home. One of them is having to worry about laundry, ironing and even matching my clothes so I don’t look ridiculous when I leave home. 

A couple of years ago, we were introduced to the Bluffworks brand of clothing. It was marketed as a versatile wardrobe that was anti odor, anti wrinkle, and machine washable. And, though it sounded too good to be true, the more we used their clothing, the more we found that we were in love with it. Now, every single trip we take, we don’t travel without our Bluffs.

Bluffworks is running a 30% sale on all of their items at the moment. And to make things even better, they’re also donating 10% of sales to Feeding America, the largest hunger-relief organization in the United States.

Formal and Semi Formal

The first set of bluffs that we got was the Gramercy Blazer and Meridian Shirts. The blazer and pants are, yup you guessed it, machine washable. For a travel suit, to be able to just come home, throw it in the washing machine, and call it a day… that’s remarkable. 

Jon, who has way more in person meetings that I do, wears his blazer all the time.



The Bluffworks Pants are available in three styles: Gramercy, Chino, and Original. I have the Ascender Chino in two colors and I swear by them. 

Casual Looks

Casual looks are where – in my opinion- Bluffworks really excels. It’s not easy to get a polo and a t-shirt that have the distinct ability to both be used while you’re out hiking or having fun, and at the same time, you’re able to slip a blazer over top and to immediately pull a semi formal look.


The Threshold tees come in solid colors that can easily go with anything in your wardrobe. We own one of each color and find that no matter where we are, the threshold shirts work. They’ve even got a long sleeve option for colder climates.

 The T-shirts have anti-odor properties, and they’re easy to wear two days in a row without stinking. The anti-wicking properties repell the sweat away and if they do get funky, a quick rinse in the sink should get it done – for those more *adventurous* than I am.

As you can see – they’re great for hiking. Here’s me in both Threshold shirt and Ascender chinos at Arches National Park…

And the same in a darker blue at Antelope Canyon.

Piton Polo

The Polo shirts (Piton) give a little more formality while still looking fabulous. I wear polos a lot when I go to the office as it’s my official IT analyst uniform.

Here we are out exploring the Cliffs of Dover, in the UK.


We’ve also got a pair of the Departure Jeans for us both. The greatest part about the jeans is their flexibility and storage. They’ve got a little stretch to them and 10 total pockets, including 3 anti-theft, concealed pockets. I’ll be honest, I only recently discovered where the tenth pocket was after owning them for over a year.

Women’s Line

FINALLY! There’s a women’s line of Bluffs as well. Now, I don’t have any first hand experience with them, but from what I can see and the ladies I’ve talked to, they’re fantastic! Take a look at the women’s line here.

The Sale

We’re all about saving a buck, and I love a sale even more when it’s on clothing that I really enjoy.

The clothes come with a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you buy it and you don’t like it (which I can guarantee won’t happen) you can return them. Don’t fit? Need a new size? You can exchange them for free too!

Absolutely everything in stock is 30% off, so what perfect time to refresh your wardrobe with clothes you’ll actually enjoy wearing to your trips once we’re able to get out there and explore the world.

Author: Ben Nickel-D'Andrea

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