British Airways First Class Sale earns 62,786 Miles!

Yesterday, the blogs were abuzz with a British Airways first class sale. We picked it up on God Save the Points (but I don’t know what this funny L shaped currency is he speaks of…) and started to play around with the numbers.

The sale is still up and running, so if you’re able to start your journey in Europe this is an awesome sale. 

We’re going to be at the FTU in London so this seemed like an awesome way to nest two trips in one! We’ll be over there for the event, fly back to the US, and then head back to Europe a few weeks later for another vacay, especially for some amazing FOOD.

European Food, Yes Please

But the best part is the number of Alaska Airlines miles you’re going to earn from this sale. 

Partner Mile Bonanza

Alaska Airlines offers some serious miles bonuses when you fly their partners, and no partner is more prominent than British Airways. Just check out this chart

British Airways Earning on Alaska Airlines

British Airways Earning on Alaska Airlines

See all those Premium Class bonuses? Fly First Class in F Class, earn 500% miles, A class earns you 425% miles, and Business Class up to 350%. Add on the MVP Gold 75k Bonus and you’re at up to 625%. That’s an insane amount of miles and makes buying premium tickets on British the best way to earn miles with Alaska Airlines (and it’s a comfy way to fly too).

British Airways First Class

British Airways First Class

The Flights

Intra-Europe flights on British are booked into J class, and the long haul flights in First Class are booked in A Class

The Calculation

Here’s the way these bonuses breakout for these flights. Miles with the asterisk (*) are Elite Qualifying Miles

Business and First Class Promotions


  • Distance: 726 miles*
  • MVP Gold Elite Bonus: 908 miles
  • Class of Service: 1090 miles*
  • Additional Bonus: 726 miles


  • Distance: 9560 miles*
  • MVP Gold Elite Bonus: 11960 miles
  • Class of Service: 14340 miles*
  • Additional Bonus: 19120 miles


  • Distance: 908 miles*
  • MVP Gold Elite Bonus: 1140 miles
  • Class of Service: 1360 miles*
  • Additional Bonus: 908 miles

Total Miles Earned: 62,746

Elite Qualifying Miles: 27,984

If the total price for the flight was $2,552 and you’re earning 62,746 miles, that means you’re getting a 4.06 cents per mile on a mileage run. That’s one heck of a deal! AND you get to go to Europe and back 🙂

How to Book

We used Google Flights to find the best deal. If you booked it through the British Airways website, the flights priced higher, so we went to the American Airlines website to book it. 

We don’t have the American Express Platinum (which earns 5x on flights) but we used our Citi American Airlines Business Card. They are running a 3x American Airlines promo for purchases, so we jumped all over that.

Enjoy! Hopefully we’ll see you in London at the Frequent Traveler University!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Are you going to earn AS miles on a AA numbered flight (as opposed to a BA flight).

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    • Even though I bought through American, I do have a British Airways confirmation number and the flights are on BA metal. Because they are on BA metal, Alaska Airlines will credit the miles as if they were BA flights. It doesn’t matter if you bought them as AA codeshares or as BA direct flights.

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  2. Newbie question – how do you have these miles credit as Alaska miles?

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    • No problem! Just make sure to have your Alaska Airlines FF number on the reservation and they will credit automatically since they are partners.

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