Round Trip to Hawaii for only 18,000 Amex Membership Rewards!

We like to bring you deals here at NoMasCoach, and while we focus on First Class travel, sometimes the best deals in coach are too good to be true. For a limited time you’ve got the opportunity to fly round trip on Alaska Airlines from the West Coast of the USA to any of the Hawaiian islands for only 18,000 Membership Rewards points.

The Destination

Hawaii doesn’t need an introduction. After Napa Valley, its islands are the #2, 3, and 4 top honeymoon destinations in the United States. Flights can get pricey and the hotels are even crazier. Finding award space can be tough but there are ways to get there. Although getting all the stars to align is a challenge, it can happen. We’re here to help.

Gorgeous Pools in Hawaii

The Deal

From now until November 15th, there is a 40% bonus when you transfer points from American Express Membership Rewards to British Airways. This presents a fantastic opportunity that you probably didn’t even know about. Our friend Gilbert wrote a fantastic article about some other good uses of your 40% bonus, so go check that out. But here’s one that he missed 🙂

British Airways partners with Alaska Airlines. In fact, the BA/Alaska partnership is one of the strongest that I’ve seen for mileage earning. We’ve wrote about it numerous times in the past and even shared how we’ve earned tens upon tens of thousands of points.

Because they partner with Alaska AND their mileage program is distance based, the opportunities are there to save some miles when you want to fly to the islands!

One way from the West Coast to Hawaii is 12,500 avios. Round trip is 25,000. Because of the transfer bonus right now, if you transfer 18,000 Membership Rewards points to British, you’ll end up for 25,200 Avios. BOOM! You’re flying for free (and $11.20 in taxes and fees) to Hawaii!!!

The Process

Yes, it’s going to be a process. It’s not a difficult one, especially once you learn the steps, but it’s pretty easy to follow. 

  1. Sign up for a British Airways frequent flier account
  2. Transfer American Express points to British Airways
  3. Search for Alaska Airlines award space
  4. Call British Airways to book
  5. Book your hotels
  6. Buy gear for an island getaway
  7. ENJOY!

Sign up for a British Account

If you don’t already have an account with British Airways, head to their page and sign up. Simple as that.

Transfer American Express points

Transferring points couldn’t be easier. Just log into your membership rewards account and choose Transfer Points. From there, enter your BA number and go! The miles should transfer pretty quick if not instantly.

Transfer Points

Short on Membership Rewards?

Here are the current welcome offers on some of the most popular credit cards. As with all cards, terms apply, so make sure to read the terms!

Search for Alaska Airlines award space

The easiest place to search for award space on Alaska Airlines is NOT on Alaska’s website. They have a dynamic pricing chart for their awards, meaning that some flights cost X miles, some cost Y, and some cost Z. You can’t just book any old award, you’ve got to book the ones that are in what they call their “saver” or “low” tier.

Head over to American Airlines website. See the picture below for how to search for your flight.

How to search for Alaska Space on American Airlines website

Next, you’ll want to make sure that you search for non-stop flights. See how it looks like green means good? Not necessarily. We only want the NONSTOP flights so you’ll have to make those changes.

Not ALL flights, we only want Non Stop

Notice when we select non stop some of the flights go away. This is the magic award space you need to find.

Now that you know the dates, click through and find the exact flights. The “AS” means that it’s an Alaska Airlines flight. This is what we want…

And then you do the same for the return. NOW you have the exact flights. The next step…?

Call British Airways

Since you can’t book Alaska Airlines awards online with British Airways, you’re going to have to call their call center. This is the worst part of it all, as their call center is known for long hold times. The best times to call are VERY early in the morning on the East Coast. Try and get up early and make that phone call and you’ll be rewarded with short wait times. If you’re calling in the middle of the day, expect to wait at times up to 45 minutes.

The number to call is 1-800-452-1201.

Book your Hotels

Once you get the flights, the next part is the hotels! There are some fantastic options with Hyatt and Marriott. If you’re looking for options to save some cash, you can earn a ton of points with the Chase credit cards and also the New Marriott/SPG cards from Chase and American Express. You should have more than enough points with each of these sign up bonuses to have a few free nights on the islands.

Alternatively, there are some great Hilton properties on Waikiki beach as well, and the current offers from the Hilton line of credit cards are higher than I’ve seen before, and definitely worth a look.

Get some new supplies

You know you need some clothes right? What about some SCUBA gear? Here’s a link to the snorkel, mask and fins that we use when we go diving, and we cannot recommend them enough. They’ve visited 4 continents with us already, and we’ve got two more to go!


You made it… you finally did it… seemed like one hell of a process, right? But the best part of it all is that you only spent 18,000 membership rewards to get a free ticket to Hawaii. My suggestion? If you know that you want to take another trip in the future and you’ve got the points, I’d transfer another set over and use them in the future. The 40% transfer bonus doesn’t happen all too often, so take advantage of this as often as you can.

So, with that said, which island are you heading to?


Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. All those red circles and arrows gave me flashbacks of MMS.

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    • You’d be surprised how many people NEED those circles and lines…

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      • Actually those red lines and circles are GREAT. It’s idiot proof which is great. Comical someone is complaining about that. Thanks Jon. I found your blog via the Miles to Go Podcast which I just listened to. You have some great posts on your blog which I look forward to catching up on.

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        • Hey Mike – really appreciate that 😉

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  2. Not too late to go to Hawaii for Christmas this year using Avios. Tons of space from Los Angeles to Kaui.

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  3. What if this offer has ended is using this method still the best way to use your points to get to Hawaii?

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    • In my opinion, the miles are still cheap enough that it makes sense even without the bonus

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