OneWorld Business Class Sale, Paris-Miami or Los Angeles from $1498

If you’re looking for a great way to start 2019 with some Alaska miles, American Airlines EQM/EQD, or just an awesome fare sale, this is for you. 

If you’re starting your trip in Paris and want to head to Miami or Los Angeles (I’d do LAX for more mileage) you can score a heck of a deal. Deals start at 1220 Euros if you don’t book direct (use an OTA) or around $1500 if you buy it directly from the airlines.

Starting in Europe is typically how we get the best deals. We did this not too long ago on a British First Class sale to credit over 625% mileage to Alaska

Depending on how you’d like to route, you can get a wide variety of planes from American Airlines A330, 787’s, British Airways A380 or 747, even an Aer Lingus A330.

Business Class Sale


The long haul legs price into “I” booking class and the short-haul British flights price into “J.” If you’re crediting to Alaska Airlines like I will be, the flights earn a 100% mileage plus 50% bonus (on top of the MVP bonuses). The British flights earn 250% on the long haul and 350% on the short haul, before any bonuses. If you’re looking for Alaska miles, try and find a British connection to earn more miles.

If you want to credit to American Airlines, you’ll earn 2 EQM’s for the business ones and for the British flights 1.5 EQM and a 125% mileage bonus.

American Airlines 777 Business Class Seat Leg Room

American Airlines 777 Business Class Seat Leg Room

So, are you taking advantage of this ridiculous pricing on business class flights?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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