Admirals Club Mexico City Airport, Review

On a recent trip to Mexico City we flew American Airlines back to the USA. Since we were flying business class we were granted access to the Admirals Club in Mexico City… if only we could FIND it.

When we got to the airport we were told by the check in staff that the lounge was behind gate 17. When we started to look for gate 17 we turned left, walked a few gates, and couldn’t find it. So we went back, turned right, walked a few gates, and couldn’t find it. Finally we turned down a stray hallway and saw this sign. We’d found the magical elevator!



Take the elevator (or stairs) up a floor and you’ll see both the Admirals club and the United Club.

United Club

The AA club was undergoing renovations and their air conditioning wasn’t working. Luckily it wasn’t a terribly hot day so it wasn’t too much of a downer.

The view isn’t that spectacular, but that’s OK.

Because they’ve only got a couple of flights a day and this was at 630pm, we were one of only 4 people in the lounge. They do codeshare to a lot of flights so the club is staffed at all hours. The spread was still impressive, especially considering there wasn’t barely anyone in the lounge.

The “business center” had chairs and desks, but no computers.

Five types of sandwiches in case you got hungry and tortilla soup.

The liquor, beer, and wine selection is extensive and all free. In the USA if you’ve ever visited any Admirals Club in the USA you’ll know that you have to pay for anything other than the most basic beer/wine. Nice touch!

If you’re looking for a cool (hopefully soon) place to relax before your presumably short flight back to the US, the Admiral’s club is a great stopping off point before your flight.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Prior to COVID-19, Frank and I have spent a lot time at Mexico City’s Admiral’s Club because we traveled to Mexico City often for business and pleasure. We think this Admiral’s Club is one of American’s best because the AA associates are always very nice, helpful and friendly; first rate snack choices (fresh/self staple) which are constantly replenished; and the liquor choices are excellent and free. Additionally, the Admiral’s Club is very clean. We go to the airport early so we can relax in the Admiral’s Club before our flight back to the US. Frank and I highly recommend visiting Mexico City’s Admiral’s Club.

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