American Airlines 737 MEX-DFW Review

American Airlines offers a “domestic” service on what is very obviously an “international” route, and disappointed on many levels. Here’s a review the underwhelming flight. Perhaps you can use this and learn that just because you’re crossing an international border, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to get a true international service. Mexico City to Dallas is short enough, luckily, that we were back in the states and on our way quickly.

We started out experiencing the American Airlines Admirals Club in Mexico City airport. It was a great lounge with almost no people and a large food and drink selection.  If you haven’t read that review yet, you can read it above.

Boarding was a mess. There was no priority line or if there was, it wasn’t enforced. Everyone just kinda gate-liced themselves to the boarding area. I squeezed in on the side and we got through.

As we left the gate we were treated with a gorgeous Air France A380 heading to Paris. It’s a shame that we won’t see these gorgeous planes flying anymore… 

Boarding was deayed for … I don’t know what reason. In fact, at 7:11 pm we were informed that boarding would start at 7:00. AA technology for the win!

45 minutes after we took off we were served the starter dish; salad with jicama.

About 2 minutes after that was brought out (I mean, give me a second to actually DIGEST IT) the chicken dish was brought out. Nothing says appetizing like red mush with yellow and green speckled mush next to protein mush! American Airlines specialty!

You’ll love their version of bread however. I feel if we would have thrown this hard enough at the window we would have caused a cabin depressurization.

Our flight attendant was a little out of uniform with her “coffee makes me meow” apron. Yea… you got that right…

The plane had wifi that didn’t work, as to asking what the problem was, you can imagine the answer. “I’m not a tech, but I’ll see if they can do something about it when we land.” Helpful…

Also, how long ago was the merger? I see we’re still using US Airways carts!

And before you knew it, we were clearing customs in Dallas.

The Bright Side

The only good part about this flight was how cheap it was to book it. Availability is fairly good for Avios, and at 7500 in coach or 15000 in business, especially with the ease of earning Avios (or transferring them from Ultimate Rewards or Membership Rewards). Considering the price for this one way was a ridiculous $700, the avios were well spent!

Anyone else ever experienced the AMAZING international domestic experience on American Airlines?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Honey, I once flew GRU-DFW in business class on a 77W and the crew did not took the time to get the hot food hot. It was plain cold.
    The flight attendant realized that before serving it and told us with a very crampy and angry voice that she “could throw it back in the oven” if I wanted. I did not dare to say a thing. Nor the other passengers.
    It was holiday season and upon deplaning I approached them at the galley and gave them a chocolate and congratulated them for the amazing and wonderful experience. (I was being ironic lol). They did not look at me in the eye.

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  2. Seeing as it’s about a 2 hour flight, I wouldn’t expect a wide-body on a flight like that.

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    • I’ve had widebody flights from ORD-DFW before, so its hard to tell what you’re going to get. We like to make sure that we can provide some information to readers, hopefully they’ll find it helpful before they fly. Not everyone is as versed as you and I

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  3. What an absurd, substance-free review. Were you somehow shocked that they were not running a 789 on a two hour flight? Surprised that there was no inflight shower and that American’s “The Residence” was unavailable?

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    • It’s American Airlines. Nothing surprises me.

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  4. You might want to cover up the flight attendant’s face in that picture.

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  5. DFW/MEX has never been advertised as an international flight, just as DFW/Toronto is treated as domestic service. That they served a meal is surprising. And for 15,000 Avios – THAT is a deal.

    I just flew EWR/DFW/AUS Thursday. Both planes were immaculately clean. The business class fare was $277, which is 1/3 of full F. I was surprised that a complimentary sandwich was offered (although of the “buy it in coach variety” It wasn’t on a plate, but I’m OK with that in these times). It was done by Sky Chefs from Dallas and was infinitely better than those Zoe’s kitchen rocks they used to sell. All in all, considering the times we’re all facing, I think they did a pretty good job.

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    • Right on. That’s good to know. I’m really curious to see how catering changes.

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