Priority Pass Lounge Mexico City Airport Review

Mexico City airport has a few Priority pass lounges, and while the American Airlines Admiral’s club was fine, we thought we’d see about one of the other lounges.

The Grand Lounge Elite sounds really awesome, right? I mean, it’s Grand, it’s Elite, and it’s a Lounge…must be the best! Well, it’s definitely a Priority Pass lounge because this place was CROWDED. Like, slammed packed. When we arrived, we were the last two allowed in because they reached capacity. Priority Pass does warn that you might hit capacity and not be able to get in.

For being such a crowded lounge, they have their game on point. As soon as we entered, someone came up to us and offered us a Purell hand wipe. Wow, nice touch. She also asked if we wanted to order a drink. We declined as we noticed there were two really awesome coffee bars inside.

We went over to the coffee bar and ordered one of our favorite drinks. Here you can get a Chemex, Pour Over, Cold Brew, or more!

There is a large selection of sandwiches, soup, tortillas, nachos, meats, cheeses, and more. As soon as one batch was empty, someone magically popped from the back and more food arrived. It was like there was a secret compartment where people just popped out when they knew the food was done.

The staff could not have been more polite. We speak Spanish, so I can’t speak to their English ability, but they all seemed very happy to be there and were glad to service us. Being that they were SLAMMED that was great to see

If you don’t have any elite status and can’t access any other lounges, this one is a win for sure. Just make sure to understand that you might not be able to get in because of capacity restrictions.

Have you visited this or any of the other Mexico City lounges?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Being that busy and of course no masks because of the food I would have turned right around.

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  2. Other than the crowd it seems good. I’ve been in the American lounge there and it seems a bit nicer and less crowded in my experience. It isn’t light years better but bigger and more intimate. As far as masks go I am seeing less and less people wearing masks in public in certain cities. I bet that will be the norm soon.

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    • Unfortunate that people are becoming complacent

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