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Alaska’s 20 Minute Bag Guarantee Explained

Alaska Airlines is one of the most customer friendly airlines I’ve ever...

Barcelona Terror Attack near Las Ramblas

Another terrorist attack in Europe today as a someone rammed a white van...

Seattle Frequent Flyer Meetup Tonight!

It’s that time again, the third Tuesday of every month 🙂 And that...

Targeted Delta Partner Offer, 1,000 miles per partner!

Delta is running a targeted offer to earn 1000 miles for each hotel and ground partner that you use from now until September. Registration is limited to those who are targeted, however, so good luck!

Can you afford to fly first class?

Many people assume that to fly first class you’ve got to put a mortgage on your house. In reality, it’s not that difficult, and with a little bit of foresight and planning it’s really quite easy!

So, you wanna fly for free…

Everyone wants to fly for free, but it’s not as easy as some make it seem. We do fly for free a lot, so let us show you the secrets of how we do it!

Money Maker! $20 rebate on Visa Gift Cards at Staples

Here’s an amazing Money Making opportunity if you live near a Staples! This week in all Staples stores, when you buy $300 in Visa Gift Cards you’ll get a $20 Visa gift card back by mail.

Mistake Fare: Australia in Business Class from $632!

These type of fares don’t come along often, so book this and ask questions...

Level Airline loses Half their Fleet Overnight

Level Airlines didn’t have many airplanes to operate their new routes, so when one goes down for mechanical issues, well, oops. You get the idea.

My Latest American Express Retention Offer

I called in to cancel my American Express card, and they made me a retention offer. I love retention offers, as it’s usually an awesome way to find some extra miles or points.