Here’s How to Earn Money with Top Cash Back

If you’re a follower of reading our blogs, then you know we earn a bunch of miles. For us, earning 2-3 million miles and points a year is simple. Because we have used all the tricks in the book to be able to rack up that quantity, sometimes earning cash back is the best option. Top Cash Back has been our number one go-to resource now for years, and we’ll show you the ins and outs of how it all works.

What is Top Cash Back?

Top Cash Back is a shopping portal, just like many you might use for miles. Instead of starting your purchase at the company’s website (say, for example) you go FIRST to the Top Cash Back site. Clicking on the Macy’s link will allow you to shop like normal, and in turn, you’ll get cash back for your purchase. It’s pretty simple, most things in the miles and points world aren’t, so its nice to have something so cut and dry.

Where can you earn?

Not only can you earn on department stores, electronic stores, and clothing stores, you can also earn for rental cars, flights, and even hotels. very often, we’ll earn between 7-10% on our hotel stays, above and beyond any elite benefits that you may receive from the hotel (and credit card points from the purchase too!)

How do you get paid?

Once you make a purchase with Top Cash Back, it’ll track to their system. There are three levels of status for your order… confirmed, pending, and payable.

Confirmed simply means that they realize that you’ve made a purchase and they’re tracking it in their system. They will have to make sure that you didn’t cancel your hotel stay or return the items that you purchased.

Pending means that they’re just waiting to get the money from the merchant.

Payable mean you can cash out and put on your shopping shoes!

Once you get the money, there are a few ways that you can get paid. A simple ACH connection means that you can get the money right into your checking account. You can, alternatively, request the money to your PayPal account.

If you want to increase your spend even MORE you can get a merchant gift card. Often offering up to 5% additional, you can get paid with an Amazon gift card, Wal-Mart gift card, or even Nike, Sephora, Gap, Applebees, and more. There are about a dozen options currently.

How does TCB compare to other websites?

I’m partial to TopCashBack because the rewards are easy to track and the customer service has been stellar. When Sears went bankrupt, they paid money out of their own pocket to make sure that we, the consumers, were taken care of. Other websites like Rakuten (previously eBates) also offer tons of cash back options. You can absolutely check out both, but my experience with Rakuten has not been as complete as TCB.

Sign-Up Now

You should absolutely sign up for both. There’s no downside to signing up with multiple cash back programs. We use CashBackMonitor to see which site is best, and then go there directly.

If you’d like to sign up for TopCashBack, we have a referral link where you’ll earn $10 after your first purchase.

Rakuten also offers $10 after your first purchase. So why not do both?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. How much they pay you to peddle their site? Anyone proficient in this hobby knows they have a poor reputation for payout. Avoid them!

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    • Not sure what you’re talking bout. I’m very Clear that I make $10 just like you do when you sign up.

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  2. Ah, any excuse to try and take advantage of your readers, eh? Why not mention the dozens of other portals? Oh, that’s right, you don’t have a way to get any money from a referral, so you simply “forget” they exist. Talk about sleazy.

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    • Take advantage? By helping people earn money? You have a very twisted view of life, my friend. I do mention CashBack monitor, and there are listen many portals, none of which we use.

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