Marriott Bonvoy offering up to 6 EXTRA miles per dollar today!

Marriott Rewards Bonvoy is up and running, and there have been some hiccups for sure. One way that they’re trying to get some people to come back into their good graces is by offering big bonuses with booking extras. Now, with every reservation that you make, you can earn your normal Bonvoy points AND up to 6 extra airline miles for every booking.

Marriott is one of the best programs for loyalty earning as it’s easy to accumulate their points AND almost all the major airline programs (and cash back programs) run extra promos for booking.

For example, simply by heading to Top Cash Back before you head to Marriott, you can earn between 4-6% cash back for every booking. That’s a normal everyday rate, and there’s nothing special about that.

Airline Portals

American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines all offer shopping portals as a way to earn extra miles on your purchase. Simple head to their portal first, click on the Marriott button, and boom. You’ll earn airline miles in addition to all your Bonvoy points.

Extra Mileage Shopping Portals

Right now through (who knows when… maybe today?) you can earn 6x miles at American Airlines, 5 miles at United if you have the Credit Card, 3 if you don’t, and 4x miles at Delta Airlines. That means that a $150/night reservation earns you an extra 900 AAdvantage miles each night!

Since you can earn both your Marriott points and your airline miles on this reservation, there is absolutely no downside whatsoever to booking through these portals.

They do NOT work retroactively on past reservations, so if you can re-book your reservation with no penalty, this would be a great chance to go back and earn miles on those what you’ve already booked.

Happy Shopping!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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