Groupon is selling Iberia Avios for only 1 cent each

No, this isn’t a post about Iberia’s ridiculous promotion from last year just throwing Avios at customers who booked random flights. This is actually a pretty steady Groupon Sale from the Spanish Avios site. If you have a Groupon Spain account (which is easy to sign up with Facebook) you can buy Avios for as low as 1 cent each.

Our amigo Hernan over at Ultima Llamada posted about this a couple of days ago. Since then, the cheap 2000 Avios version has sold out, but the attractive 4,000 Avios option is still there.

Iberia logo

Iberia logo

You can buy:

  • 2.000 Avios  – Price per Avio: 0.0095€
  • 4.000 Avios  – Price per Avio: 0.0135€
  • 8.000 Avios  – Price per Avio: 0.0123€
  • 15.000 Avios – Price per Avio: 0.0126€
  • 20000 Avios – Price per Avio: 0.0124€
  • 35000 Avios – Price per Avio: 0.0125€

I think if there’s only one its called an Avio right? 🙂 Maybe we just made up a term…?

If you don’t have an account for the Spanish Groupon you can click here, and if you DO have a Spanish Groupon account, you can click here. You don’t need to be a Spanish resident, so I find that signing up with my Facebook account makes sure that I never forget my password.

Remember that short haul flights in Europe are only 4,500 Avios each, and both British Airways and Iberia allow you to pay a portion of the ticket with Avios and a portion with cash. You should be able to transfer miles between both your Iberia and British Avios accounts to book on either carrier.

We picked up a couple of the 4,000 packs for ourselves.

But wait, there’s more…

Hernan also mentions that you can stack on some MORE Avios by going to the Iberia Shop first. They’re currently offering 3 avios per Euro on all purchases made through their shopping portal. I love double stacking!

At this price, are you a buyer?


Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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