TODAY: Last Chance for Europe BUSINESS CLASS flights for $300

For the past two days, the blogs and Facebook groups in the frequent traveler community have been flooded with news of Iberia and their RIDICULOUS sale/promo/offers. It looks like the promo is being honored, and you have until today (or perhaps tomorrow) to take advantage of this deal. 

Speak now, or forever hold your peace. If you want to get to and from Europe for around $300 IN BUSINESS CLASS, then you had better read quickly and get out your credit card.

Terms of the Promotion

9,000 bonus Avios with a ticket purchase! For every ticket purchased, you’ll earn 9,000 bonus Avios. Those Avios expire on December 1st, so you have to USE them by that date, but you don’t have to fly by that date.

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Iberia Avios Promotion

Purchase your ticket by June 24th and you’ll get an extra 9,000 Avios. It’s so simple, that even their own promotional photos and website agree that it is SO simple.

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Iberia Promotion

“Buy a ticket by 24 June in any class and for any destination, and they’re yours. You have until 1 December to spend them.”

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it kind of is. There have been other bloggers carrying this flag (especially our friends at Frequent Miler) who has posted conversations people have had with Iberia customer service. Questions like “if I happen to miss my flight, what happens?” Answer? “Don’t worry you will still receive your Avios…”

I’m sorry… what?

Just think about that. You book a ticket. It just so happens that you miss the flight, and they still give you the bonus for buying the ticket.

Sure enough… here are the official terms and conditions of the promotion!

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Iberia Terms and Conditions

Special offer of an extra 9,000 Avios for each ticket purchased between 21 and 24 June 2018 (maximum of 90,000 promotional Avios per member) on for a flight operated by Iberia, Iberia Express or Air Nostrum. The Avios will be added within 10 days of the purchase to the Iberia Plus account of all customers identified as members of the Iberia Plus program during the purchase process (pay attention to that last line).

If the customer requests a refund, either because it is permitted by the fare of for any other reason, the promotional Avios will be withdrawn from their account. The extra promotional Avios not redeemed by 1 December 2018 will be withdrawn from the customer’s account. The redemption terms and conditions are subject to the general terms and conditions of the Iberia Plus programme.

For example, if a customer purchases tickets on for three people to fly from Seville to Madrid and two of the people are identified as Iberia Plus members during the purchase process (pay attention again9,000 Avios will be credited to both of these people within 10 days of the purchase. These two people must have redeemed at least 9,000 Avios by 1 December, or this same amount will be deducted from their account.

Potential Problems

I highlighted two parts in the text above. They both refer to the face that you must be identified as members of Iberia Plus during the purchase process. Many members that have signed up for accounts within 72 hours have been told that their names don’t match their accounts. This seems to be a feature not a glitch, as it does take a while for their systems to sync. 

We booked a flight for Ben and while it showed his number DURING the booking process, and in the email confirmation, when I went back to assign seats, it showed that the number was gone. We managed to call the call center and they added it in. They said that the promotion would be valid and they would forward the information to the appropriate departments. Your Mileage May Vary, but keep screenshots, and keep emails. If you need to dispute this with your credit card company later, you should have an “out.”

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Iberia’s Page is DOWN!

For Under $300?!

We’re finding flights between Malaga (AGP) and Palma de Mallorca (PMI) back and forth to Madrid for only $28.77 each.

If you were to buy 10 flights between AGP-MAD and/or PMI-MAD, that would only cost you $287.70. You’ll earn 90,000 Avios for those transactions, and boom. You’ve got yourself a free ticket (or maybe 2 if you play your cards right) on Iberia or their partners. 

Some people are finding flights for less than that, but don’t spend you time searching finding the best deal to save $4. Just book the damn cheap ticket and move on. Iberia’s website was down for a few hours this morning, but it looks like it’s up and running now. You should have all day and then tomorrow as well to grab some tickets, but I’d get them today if I were you. I don’t want them pulling the plug and then you’re S.O.L.

To use some soccer terminology… GOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!

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Partners and Booking

I’m not going to try and regurgitate the AMAZING post that our friends at Frequent Miler did about ways to use your Avios to get to Europe and back for under 90,000 Avios. They put a ton of work into it and should be read. If you’re not following them, you should. Read this post here on how to redeem your Avios and get the best bang for your buck. Suffice it to say that there are dozens of place to redeem your miles and you can earn these Avios for SUPER cheap.

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image courtesy of American Airlines

So, stop reading, get to booking, and good luck! 

Did you find a better deal? A cheaper routing? Any issues with booking? Let us know!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. HI! Do you know if it has to be a roundtrip purchase?? or will one-way suffice?

    Thank you!

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    • You can do a round trip, but that way you’re only getting 9K, as opposed to booking each segment as a one way and getting 9K avios each 😉

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  2. Headline is really misleading…it’s $300 just to acquire the points. If you want European Biz class it’s going to be at least another $210+ taxes RT, so at least $500+ for the ticket. Is that really something to get excited by?

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    • Um. Yes! European Biz Class isn’t really Biz class now is it? 🙂 There Are SOOOOOO many other ways to use your Avios. Any time that I can get avios for THAT cheap, or hell, any mile for that cheap, sign me up.

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