Argentina ends reciprocity fee for Americans

The moves comes as part of a negotiation between Secretary John Kerry and his Argentine counterpart, Susana Malcorra, in a decree signed by President Mauricio Macri that temporarily removes the reciprocity fee. 

Sec. Kerry & Min. Susana Malcorra

Sec. Kerry & Min. Susana Malcorra

When President Obama visited Argentina earlier this year, it signaled a shift toward the center by new incoming Argentine government and bilateral relationships have since been strengthening. As part of this improvement, Argentina had previously temporarily suspended for 90 days the collection of the Reciprocity Fee in March, in hopes of strengthening and furthering trade and tourism. The fee had been instituted in 2008 by then President Fernandez de Kirchner as a move to reciprocate countries which collect visas fees from Argentine visitors when entering their countries, which at the time were the US, Canada and Australia.

Annulled exit from Argentina

Annulled exit from Argentina

When Kerry visited Argentina earlier this month, a bilateral agreement was signed which lays the ground for future addition of Argentina to the list of countries participating in Global Entry to make it easier for visitors to go through immigration and customs when entering the United States, and will make this the fourth Latin American country to participate in the program, after Colombia, Mexico and Panama. This, however, does not mean Argentine citizens will be exempt from applying for visas.

This is great news, mostly for any American citizen wishing to go to Argentina, since that just became $160 cheaper. It’s worth mentioning that this permanent lifting of the reciprocity fee will go into effect 30 days from now, as stipulated in Decree 959, signed by the president on Monday and published in the Official Gazette yesterday. For some reason, though, none asked for the proof of payment from Jon or Bruce when visiting 2 weeks ago, even though they had it, well after the 90 day period had expired, so something tells me there’s no need to wait till the decree goes into effect before visiting. Keep in mind the fee is still in place for Australians and Canadians.

Argentina Fee Passport Stamp, Paid in 2010, used 14 times since

Argentina Fee Passport Stamp, Paid in 2010, used 14 times since

In case you didn’t know, Argentina is ranked the number one destination where your dollars will go really, really far as well as a beautiful and amazing country, but when it comes to its people and its places. So, what are you waiting for?

Author: Ben Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. I think mine was still good for a few years. Paid $150. Any chance for a rebate? Lol

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    • Zero. Thanks for contributing to the local economy! 🙂

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