And the winner of the Summer Vacation Is…

Whether it’s been a week or a year since your last vacation, you know what that week leading up to your vacation is like. Did you double check your bags? Did you double check your list? Did you remember your flip flops? Well, its time for that one lucky reader to win their summer vacation, courtesy of No Mas Coach!

Ever since we started the No Mas Coach blog a few years back, we’ve been extremely grateful for the opportunity to travel to 6 continents, 46 countries, and 32 states. We’ve traveled in the world’s best first class products, stayed in luxury hotels, and experienced fine dining like no other. At the same time, we understand and realize that there are plenty of people in our network (and yours as well) that don’t have the ability to take a vacation, even for a weekend with their family. Everyone deserves a summer vacation, and we’re here to help with that.

If you missed the ways to enter the contest, don’t worry. We run plenty of contests over here because we love our readers 🙂 Read the original post here to find out a little more about the backstory that lead up to this contest and giveaway.

We also tend to give a way a lot of things at the Frequent Traveler University. If you haven’t bought tickets yet, there’s still time to join us in Chicago next month.

Picking the Winner

We took all of the hundreds of winning entries from facebook, twitter, and instagram and threw them into a random number generator. The winner is…

Erin from Colorado!

Thanks Erin for being a loyal reader and entering to win. We’re reaching out to you via social media now to go over the specifics of the prizes.

Thanks to everyone for making this giveaway a reality! We look forward to hearing from Erin and following her travels!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. I didn’t enter, but I have to give you guys massive props for doing this. A great idea.

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  2. I am excited! I can’t wait to be contacted!

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    • We’ve been waiting for your response!

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      • I replied but maybe it only showed up on my FB page. My friends saw it and were happy for me. I saw the article the day it came out and was anxiously waiting for contact.

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