We’re Heading to the Burj al Arab!

Yes, that Burj al Arab. The most iconic Dubai hotel and one of the most recognizable, if not the most recognizable hotel in the world.

We’re in Dubai currently exploring the Expo Dubai 2020, and if you haven’t made plans to attend that yet, time is running out.

Through a unique set of circumstances that we still are pinching ourselves over, we’re going to be heading to the Burj al Arab. Not just for afternoon tea (which we will absolutely be doing as well) but as hotel guests. 

Burj al Arab

This is about as close as many people get the the Burj, as getting to the hotel itself is restricted to hotel guests and people with restaurant reservations. 

Last month the hotel started selling exclusive packages to “tour the Burj” for 399 AED (about $110) with options to add on the afternoon tea, the 24k Gold Cappuccinos, or even make a restaurant reservation as well.

Full Review Coming

It goes without saying that we’ll be doing a full review of the hotel suite and the afternoon tea as well, so make sure to follow us on Instagram @NoMasCoach for the pictures and updates as they’re happening.

Burj al Arab Bedroom

Our Question to You…

We’d love to know what you’d like us to see/do here at the Burj. Have you heard about the afternoon tea but haven’t seen pictures? What about the rooftop tennis courts/helipad? How about the pools/restaurants?

Let us know what you think we should do and we’ll make it a point to do our best to make it happen.


Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Glad that you will experience the hotel! I was very impressed in the first year of operation (2000?) but after the “suitbrigade” (handsome young people around the hotel to ask if there was anything they could do to make your stay better) and the foreign chefs and the friendly staff at Reception AND the best workers LEFT, I prefer to stay in newer hotels in better locations. The virtual submarine to get to the seafood restaurant broke down, the dishes in all restaurants were poor imitations of earlier creations by foreign chefs, the wine lists are terribly overpriced and the staff just got tired (I presume) of having to meet the expectations of the guests, who needless to say DO expect a lot. The suites are beautiful and I hope that you will find everything in good shape.
    I have tried most of the superb hotels in Dubai and currently favor THE ADDRESS DOWNTOWN for location and views. The Dubai Fountain below, the Dubai Mall with many restaurants (AND the view of the Burj al Khalifa) are all great attractions to me and just a short walk from the hotel. Staying IN the Burj al Khalifa was a downer (it is much better to look AT it than to stay IN it) so were the hotels in other areas of Dubai due to location. Go to the rooftop restaurant in the Burj al Arab for lunch: at night, there is no view due to all the neon lights in the restaurant. The rooftop BAR at The Address is the best for views late afternoon, early evening.
    I have noticed that many European vacationers will stay in a resort hotel and then end up with one or two nights at the Burj al Arab, which seems to be a good idea for people who go on a holiday.
    If you have time, I certainly recommend exploring at least 10 hotels: there isn’t a bad one and they are all exceptionally beautiful. Each shopping mall has its own theme and all are worth seeing. Good Luck!

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    • Ten hotels, yikes! One’s enough for me, unless I go to visit ten times 🙂

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      • WHAT?
        At least go for a meal in several hotels and look around!
        You’ll miss a lot if you don’t!
        Your readers EXPECT you to! 😲😲🤣🤣!
        You ARE going for more than 2 days, I hope!?
        If you need advice, please ask!

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