We’re Back! And We Missed You

Hello y’all! It’s good to be here 🙂 And it’s good to be back. It’s been a whirlwind few months with Covid and we’ve seen a lot of changes in the travel space. Rest assured, all your emails of “are you still alive” have been received, and we appreciate the support.

We took about a month off to refresh and regroup, even heading out on a few vacations (remember what those were?) and will have some good reviews coming to you soon.

A Variety of Posts

We’ve actually battled a lot internally amongst ourselves, wondering if it made sense to post about cheap airfare, cheap hotels, and travel deals. In the end, we’ve decided that yes, we’re going to continue writing about those. Many people, including us, have found our trips overseas to feel much safer than being in certain parts of the USA, and seeing how other countries handle Covid-19 was eye opening.

Everyone has their own risk tolerance as to what you’re willing to accept as far as air travel and travel in general, but that’s not for us to legislate. We’re going to still tell you about the posts and let you snag those deals when they come up. Heck, some of them are for all the way into summer of 2021, and who knows what the landscape will look like then anyway…

Expect to see more deals coming soon…

Stay at Home Deals

We’re also going to try and bring a variety of posts about shopping deals, cash back deals, at home shopping portals, and yes, even free wine. Many companies have rolled out the proverbial red carpets as of late to get your money, and there have been screaming deals. We’ll make sure you get those to you as well.

Credit Cards are Better than Ever

May, June, and July were some of the most lucrative months that I’ve ever seen in credit cards. Elite qualifying miles, 12x at super markets, double miles everywhere… it was an amazing summer for credit cards. I’ll expect some of those to return in 2021 as well, and yea, we’ll still make sure that we let you know about all the offers that are out there.

I’d also imagine that some of you have floated under 5/24 since the pandemic. There’s going to be a lot of sexy offers coming, so stay tuned for those.

We want to hear from you…

Thanks to everyone who has emailed and kept in touch over the past 6 months during the pandemic. It allowed us to come back to some sense of normalcy as it seems so many of us have lost out on basic human interactions. Let us know what kind of materials you want to hear, and we’ll do our best to tailor it to you. Do you want more flight reviews? Hotel reviews? Strategies to Maximize credit card rewards? We make sure to respond to each and every inquiry you send our way.

Follow us on Social Media

You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Make sure to follow us there, as we’re going to be giving away some of our massive stash of airline swag in the coming months too. You’ll always get notifications about the post before anywhere else, so follow, tag, subscribe, and keep in touch. 

Jon, Ben, and Stephen

Less than 2 hours of sleep, but I’m in my happy place


Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Glad you’re back! Always enjoy your reviews, photos, and walk-throughs! Hopefully, travel 🧳 will be in all our near futures!

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    • Poof. Gone.

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      • @ Jon — Just like our business with AS. (Well, not that we are actually flying anywhere, but hypothetically…).

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        • Take that money and turn it into miles at a penny a pop

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  2. Missed you guys! Welcome back! Would love to hear what traveling is like during covid.

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  3. Good to see you back!

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