This weekend: $5 back from every Uber Ride!

We’ve written extensively about our love for uber, and our love for cash back 🙂 Uber has had a groovy partnership with Shop Your Way (the Kmart and Sears loyalty program) to get cash back on all your purchases.

There’s a Kmart about 20 miles from the house, and we also love ordering things online as well.

Shopping at Kmart

This weekend’s special

So, this weekend is pretty awesome, especially if you’re going to be taking any Ubers.

Every ride you take this weekend earns you $5 back, the normal rate varies between $2-$4, so this is a substantial boost over the normal rate.

Uber 5 SYW Rewards

Steps to Take

If you haven’t linked your accounts yet, do so here. You can also sign up for a SYW account if you don’t have one and start earning. If you refer someone during this period, you’ll earn $5 for that referral as well. HUGE WIN! Moving forward you’ll get $2 per ride, which is still an awesome extra bonus for doing nothing extra.

SYW Uber

Once the accounts are linked, you’ll get $5 back on your SYW account. The points last for 30 days in the account, but that’s more than enough time to buy your toothpaste, toilet paper, dish detergent, etc. Most of the times the shipping is cheap or free which makes ordering online easy.

Types of Rides

The terms state that the $5 bonus is only for Uber X rides, but I have noticed that uber pool rides also count. Your experience may vary, but it worked for us. Considering that a lot of uber pool rides are only $5-7 where I live, that makes riding around this weekend really cheap!

SYW Uber

If you want to read more about the Uber/SYW partnership you can read our previous post here. Again, if you haven’t signed up already, do it! It’s easy and free! And you’ll earn a boat ton of miles.

Happy riding!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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