Want to Boycott United Airlines? This Chrome Extension helps

It’s no secret that there is a lot of United Airlines hostility as of late, and a lot of people are looking to boycott United Airlines. Now, there’s an easy way to do it, via Chrome.

First there was the leggings incident. Then came the entire debacle with Dr. Dao being dragged off the flight. The CEO response was a disaster, and then oh yea, a scorpion fell from the overhead bin and stung someone. Their share price dropped too, wiping millions off of the company’s books.

United has been having a no good, very bad, month.

And now you, thanks to Chrome, can do something to help them feel the pain even more. The Chrome extension called “Drop United” will remove all the United flights from your flights searches if you use the browser to search for flights (and you should be, please tell me you’re not still using Internet Explorer or Edge).

United Boycott

Untied Boycott

The description is as follows:

Drop United is a Chrome extension that drags (haha) United Airlines off your flight search results. So the next time you search for a flight, United won’t have a seat in your options.” Personally, I love the play on words, and I’m glad that they’re doing everything to keep the incident in the minds of people.

You can get the extension in the Chrome Web Store and will remove all the flights from Google Search, Goole Flights, Kayak, and Expedia.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. yes, idiot losers please install this. they’ll pay higher prices for equal junk while I sit here enjoying the savings.

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