Wanna win 100,000 miles?

As you probably know from reading our blog, we’re huge fans of earning miles. In fact this year alone we’ve earned over 1.7 million miles, and we’re on track to earn over 2.2 million.

Because we are always looking for a way to earn as many miles as possible, and we love shopping online, we love using the shopping portals that all the airlines offer as a way to earn even more miles.


I was scrolling through what I thought was a bunch of junk email yesterday and found this little gem. Currently in the Alaska Mileage Plan Shopping portal they’re offering you a chance to win 100,000 miles and $2,500 cash just by entering to win. And, on top of that, every purchase you make earns you an additional 5 entries to get the big prize (over $50).

It’s called the “Miles to Anywhere” sweepstakes, and the premise is that you’ll earn enough miles to get you anywhere that Alaska or their partners fly. I suppose that might be enough to GET you most places, but not enough to get you back. Unless of course, you want to fly in coach (but why would you want to do that?)


100,000 miles USED to be enough to fly on Emirates first class, but now that it’s increased to at least 150,000 miles, I think we might use our miles to fly on Cathay Pacific or one of the other many partners that Alaska offers.

You’ve got until October 23rd to enter to win, and don’t forget that you can also enter to win by making purchases. Those purchases have to be over $50 each, but every time to do you’ll get 5 extra entries, up to a total of 25 entries a day.

Just head over to the Alaska Mileage Plan Shopping portal for your chance to win!

What would you do with your 100,000 miles, and where would you like to fly?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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