FARE SALE: USA to Haiti in Business Class, $375! GREAT Mileage Run

WOW. The deals keep coming! We just got clued in to this fantastic opportunity to score a business class discount ticket to Port Au Prince, Haiti (PAP) from a ton of places in the USA for only $375 round trip. We just booked ourselves a trip next year to start our 2018 qualification off right! 

It looks like the targets are mostly Delta hubs or Delta focus cities but you can poke around and see if other fares are available as well. Currently, according to Secret Flying, the fares are available from CVG, ATL, SEA, MSP, DTW, SLC, and ATL. 

American Airlines 777, from Bizjournals.com

Thank goodness we’re going to be able to route this through JFK on the return, we’ll earn a ton more miles.

Seattle to Haiti, American Airlines

Doing the math, with all the business and first class bonuses, it looks like the flight is going to net us around 25,000-30,000 Alaska miles as MVP 75k members, coming in at just around 1.1-1.4 cents a mile. It will depend on how Alaska credit’s the flights, but still… I don’t know about you, but a 1 cent a mile mileage run is unheard of nowadays!

Some people have said that this is an error fare, and you should wait for a couple of days to make sure that you actually get a ticket number. We booked our flight about an hour ago and already have received our ticket number. I’ll wait a few more days before booking hotels and the like, but the idea of spending a long weekend in January on the beach in Haiti is something that we couldn’t pass up! Coach fares are pricing around $650-750, as a comparison.

$375 to Haiti! Yes Please!


Don’t call the airline on this one, guys. Don’t try and use a voucher, don’t try and use anything that would require phone support. The number one reasons deals like this die is because someone decided to call the airline about something they saw online, it gets reported, and taken down. Do everything online.

Buy now, ask questions later

Remember that you have 24 hours to cancel if you change your mind, so go ahead and get it booked NOW! You can figure out your plans later. Ask your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend when you get home but just get. It. Booked. Now.

So… who’s coming to Haiti with us?

UPDATE: The deal is now dead. If you missed this deal, you really should subscribe to us via email, and also follow us on Twitter and Facebook, so you don’t miss out! You’ll have the information before anyone else does, and you’ll be able to grab it! I hope you were able to buy it, and got yourself a sweet deal 🙂

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Sadly, United did not match

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    • Looks like it. It was live for about 3 hours this morning after we posted the deal. Make sure to subscribe to our emails to get the post in realtime!

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  2. A naturally lovely country, but the poverty is heart rending.

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