Unreal Offer: Cheap car rentals for under $1

Yesterday we posted about $1 car rentals in Europe, but I overlooked a glaring sale that was staring me in the face. Not only is this deal good for Europe, it’s also good for Australia and New Zealand!

Three days ago we posted about Hello Bus and their free routes all through Europe, but we didn’t tackle car rentals. Yesterday we posted about the $1 One Way rentals for Europe

The problem is that car rentals, especially one-way rentals, can be very costly with huge one-way fees. Enter EuropCar! Apparently this has been around for a while, but I never knew about it. This could be a massive way for you to get around Australia and New Zealand for literally, $0.75 (1 AUD).

EuropeCar 1 Way Rentals

EuropCar 1 Way Rentals

For 1 Aussie Dollar you get a base number of KM’s, Basic Protection, and 24-48 hours to get to your destination. Seriously. 75 cents. No, seriously. 75 cents. Just look at the booking process.

Australia and New Zealand One Way

Australia and New Zealand One Way

Choose your route and date:

Cairns to Brisbane

Cairns to Brisbane

Click submit and you’re done!

Final Charge

Final Charge

And you’re done! That’s it! You just booked a car for an Aussie dollar. There are routes all over the north of Australia and even New Zealand. If you head to the European option, there are tons of routes all over the UK actually especially form the north heading into the south. One of the biggest opportunites I see in England and the UK are all the cities that will offer you a 1 euro rental if you drive the car from where you’re at INTO one of the airports such as Luton, Heathrow, Gatwick, etc. This could be a huge savings for someone looking to take a flight out of one of the London Airports.

We flew from Cairns to Brisbane last year, but I wish I’d have known about this! You’ve got 5 days to get there, 1200 kms, and basic coverage… and it’s only 77 cents! It would have been a fantastic way to take a practically free road trip courtesy of Europcar.

I’m already looking at this for our next down-under vacation, and I have a feeling this is gonna be our new go-to to save money.

How about you? Do any of these routes make sense for you? Let us know!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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