Two New Priority Pass Lounges in Miami!

If you’ve got a credit card that you’re paying an annual fee on, it’s a very good chance that you’ve got a Priority Pass membership. Banks lately have been issuing memberships much like Willy Wonka gave out free candy on his tour (currently I have 4).

Normally that’s not too big of an issue. You can get into a lounge and that’s what it’s good for, right? Well now that PP is pairing up with restaurants in select airports, each membership entitles you to a credit at each establishment (and for a guest on each membership).

The big benefit to that, of course, is that each membership comes with a new limit to spend (typically $28 each). This presents some unique restaurant hopping opportunities.

Now, Priority Pass has added two new options for Miami international airport, Viena and Air Margaritaville.


Viena Lounge MIA

From the Priority Pass Website:

Viena features a farm-to-table concept featuring European and Brazilian cuisine including salt cod fritters, Brazilian cheese bread, and the Caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail. A variety of meat, fish and pasta dishes, as well as salads, sandwiches and wood-fired flatbreads, are also available.

Wouldn’t you know… you’ve got to be holding a boarding pass with same day departure to be eligible to dine here. The pictures look awesome, however!

Viena Lounge MIA

Each entry equates to $28 (for you and your guest) of which you cannot use any excess to tip. But I know y’all aren’t cheap right? You are tipping these people too… on the FULL value of what you ordered. Right??

Air Margaritaville

Air Margaritaville Miami

From the Priority Pass Website:

Air Margaritaville delivers the carefree, laid-back tropical lifestyle pursued by people all around the globe. Enjoy island-inspired food and beverages such as Coconut Shrimp, Volcano Nachos, house-made margaritas, and frozen boat drinks.

Where on God’s Green Earth have you ever seen Volcano Nachos considered “island food?” The only thing that inspires me to do is run to the bathroom. I’m hoping that there are other options on the menu because if that’s their lead-in, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride on Air Margaritaville.

My god this looks absolutely disgusting. Why is this considered food?

The same rules apply (you’ve gotta show an outbound boarding pass for same day travel) and you’ll get $28 per person.

Also, “smart casual dress” is required for both locations, so no Juicy Sweatpants or Flip Flops here. Keep it classy y’all. That is kind of shocking considering flip flops and sweat pants are exactly the kind of dress code I’d expect at Air Margaritaville.


Getting into Air Margaritaville is easy. It’s right in front of gate D11. Going to Viena on the other hand is a challenge. You’ve got to find the elevator on Level 2 for the Miami Airport Hotel. Then take it to the 7th floor and follow the signs. I honestly didn’t even know there was a 7th floor at MIA!

Don’t forget about Corona!

If both those locations are too far or just full, you’ve also got the Corona Beach House where each visit earns you $30 off your tab. It’s between D23 and D24.

$86 in free food/drinks

If you hit up Corona, Air Margaritaville, and Viena, you and your guest (per membership card) can get $86 each. Get to the airport super early and use multiple memberships and you can potentially make this into $172 or more in free drinks and food with more than one PP membership. Now that’s what I call a party!

Data Points

We asked the hosts at Margaritaville as it was their first full day of accepting memberships and by late afternoon they had only accepted 18 members.

Something tells me now that we’ve broke this news, y’all are gonna get a little crazy with it 🙂

Are you going to be heading to either of those locations?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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