Trying out Delta’s GoGo International Wifi

This past MLK day we had the chance to head over to Dublin for a long weekend to see Ireland for the first time. Yes, yes, yes, I know it was only for a short time, but when you’re working two full-time jobs, sometimes the only thing you can do is head out for a couple of days.

On our return from Dublin we flew to JFK and had a chance to experience the Global WIFI on the flight over the Atlantic. So, when you’ve got no land to bounce the signal off of, how’s the connection?

Delta Global WIFI Coverage Area

Delta Global WIFI Coverage Area

Coverage Area

While you’ll see a lot of blank spaces (Russia, India, Africa) remember that Delta doesn’t fly over there anyway, so no big loss. Where you’ll need it over the oceans, you’ll have it.


Will your flight have WiFi? Yes! According to Delta’s website:

All 2-cabin aircraft have Wi-Fi and Gogo International Wifi is available on 100% of all wide body, long-haul aircraft providing near global coverage.

I’ll give Delta credit for one thing, they’ve really made one hell of a commitment to keeping their customers connected to the outside world. They also offer free entertainment on all their flights, so BRAVO for that.


Here’s where it can pay to plan ahead. As you can see below, there’s a lot of options. You can choose to buy 1 or 3 hours (which is the same price at $6/hour), the entire flight pass for 21 (for a 6 hour flight) or the entire day pass. This will allow you to use the WiFi on your connecting flight. The cost here is $31.

Delta Global Wifi Plans

Delta International Wifi Plans

Notice, however, if you decide to plan ahead a little, you can get a global day pass for only $28 by buying on the ground first!

Global Delta GOGO WIFI

Global Delta GOGO WIFI


While I don’t have a screen shot of any speed tests, the speed wasn’t too bad. Mind you, you’re not going to be watching Netflix but for checking email and sending messages it was perfectly acceptable. I’ve got to admit that sometimes, even on a trans-con flight, when you’re over those “flyover” states the reception sometimes dies out, including the mountains.


Do you need the WiFi over the water? I suppose it depends. If you really have to be connected to work, then go for it. On the Delta flights (in coach OR business) you’ve got a huge movie selection so you probably won’t be looking for a distraction. On this short flight, I suppose that a $20 Gogo International Wi-Fi wouldn’t be needed, but if you’ve got a longer trans-con it might be worth it. 


Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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