Trump to Create a new #MAGA Hotel!

Trump really won over the heartland in the 2016 election with his promise of draining the swamp, jobs for everyone, and Making America Great Again. Another promise was to invest in America and create American jobs. Trump has decided to create a new hotel chain that will target his base of voters in Middle America and small towns all over the USA. Introducing, American Idea.

Middle America, or the heartland as it’s affectionately known, is not known for its wonderful hotels. If anyone has ever stayed at a roadside hotelor cheap Fairfield/Hampton/Super 8/Motel 6, you’ll see the rampant cookie cutter approach from chains. There isn’t a lot of flair.

American Idea

From the Failing New York Times (haha), Trump wants to capitalize on this and introduce a budget conscious, wallet friendly chain of hotels focusing on his base, filled with pieces of americana at every step.

Trump Hotel

Trump Hotel

Ask anyone in the organization and they’ll swear that its not about politics, but the first few hotels are popping up in rural Mississippi and not in a blue state. The Trump brand has always been focused on posh and luxury, so this budget hotel is an interesting change of pace. The plan is to have hotels popping up all over the map, in both blue and red areas. 

It is also interesting to know that this chain of hotels will be very similar to their other brand launch, Scion. President Trump’s name won’t appear anywhere in the chains or on the brands themselves. Unlike the Scion brand where the Trump’s will have a hands on role, they will be hands off of this one, instead relying on the expertise of Eric Danziger, the head of the Trump Hotels Organization.

Scion Hotels

Is this the new Trump Hotel?? From the Car Connection

Does the American Idea hotel chain appeal to you? Would you stay in an Americana themed hotel? Let us know.

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Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. political IDIOT PRESIDENT TRUMP is not doing the hotel thing is in a BLIND (LIKE YOU) trust PAY ATTENTION and not be so liberal left wingo… with your head into the sand!!! pay attention to the rules

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    • For a blind trust to be blind the beneficiary needs to be unaware of the assets in the trust to avoid conflicts of interest. To quote you: “political IDIOT PRESIDENT TRUMP” does not have a blind trust. Nice try, but no.

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