Travel and Leisure Top 100 Hotels. I Call BS!

I’ll admit.  I have a magazine subscription.  Yes, yes…I know.  Most people are going digital, but I like holding and reading ACTUAL magazines every now and again.

Biltmore hotel pool, from

Biltmore hotel pool, from

So I was intrigued when I got an email this morning from Travel and Leisure, encouraging me to take a look at the top 100 hotels WORLDWIDE as voted by their readers.

Now, we’ve stayed at some amazing hotels in our travels.  Here’s the Sheraton in Bali, for example.    The Hilton Luxor hotel won us over with their amazing customer service.  Sometimes, it’s the afternoon tea for a hotel that really makes our stay.

But to see the hotels on this list, I’m gonna have to call BS on a lot of them.  We HAVE had tea at #67, and we’ve had breakfast at #18, but some of the ones on this list really surprise me.

Really, #2?  A hotel in Charleston, South Carolina?  We’ve been to Charleston before, and it’s a great place.  We loved the seafood, the hospitality, and the southern accents.  But to say that this hotel is THE SECOND BEST ON THE ENTIRE PLANET is a stretch, even for Travel and Leisure.

Protea Hotel Relaxation, Kruger Park, South Africa

Protea Hotel Relaxation, Kruger Park, South Africa

Now that’s not to say that a hotel in Charleston can’t be the second best in the world, but something tells me that the Travel and Leisure readers might need to venture out a little bit farther, perhaps a few more time zones away, to get a true appreciation for what the world’s best hotels truly are.

What are your thoughts?  What’s your favorite hotel in the world and why?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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