TODAY: 8-11% off American and Southwest flights

Saving money on airline tickets is always tough.  Seems like here in the blogs we’re always posting about sales or deals to cities and far flung destinations, but sometimes those sales and deals don’t work out for you.  What would be better is if you had a flat discount on your trip, whenever you wanted it, right?

American Airlines over SXM from

American Airlines over SXM from

Well, here comes eBay to the rescue.  Today, eBay has $100 gift cards for American Airlines and Southwest Airlines on sale for $92.  That’s an eight percent savings.  So where does the 8-11% come in to play?

American eBay sale

American eBay sale

A while back we talked about TopCashBack and how they are a great way to earn miles every time you shop online.  If you’re new to TopCashBack and sign up through our referral link above, we’ll both get $10.  Currently they’re offering 1.1% back on all eBay purchases.  I’ve used this for years and have tested that it works!  I like TCB becuase they pay fast and I get the money direct deposited to my checking account with no hassles.

Also, eBay has their own eBay bucks program that routinely gives a minimum of 2% cash back on all purchases that you can use at a later date for another purchase.

8+1+2!  And another 5 maybe?

11% is a fantastic savings off of a flight.  Remember that American will allow you to use 8 (eight) gift cards at once for a purchase while Southwest allows 4 (four).  Cards will ship to your email within hours usually and you should be able to use them very quickly.  I’ve seen them take up to 24 hours however.

Are you going to take advantage of this offer?  We just bought some American ones for our upcoming travel!

Update:  We got the codes 22 minutes after ordering them, via email from PayPal.  So you can use them on flights today!

Update 2:  If you use your Chase Ink credit card, this will process as a 5x category since it’s paid via PayPal Digital Gifts.  So if you’re looking to get an EXTRA 5% back, use your ink card, making it a 16% return!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Could you add a 5% Discover cashback on top of that?

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    • Which 5% category exactly? Right now I see it’s Home Improvement and Amazon

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  2. Are you able to checkout with a credit card? Mine says “Unfortunately, you can’t use a credit or debit card to pay for this order.”

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    • Use paypal. And then you should have a credit card linked to your PayPal profile. Make sure your PP account doesn’t have any money in it first, then it will DEFAULT to your bank account, but just change that and use your credit card you have on file with PP and you’re good to go!

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  3. Is this deal only good today?

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    • Who knows! You can buy the cards today, but you never know when they’ll run out of cards to sell. Do what we did if you can, buy a few cards today and then save them for when you need them in the future.

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