This New Debit Card offers up to 15% Cash Back

I’m the first one to jump onboard the “don’t use your debit card for purchases” train that you read on a lot of travel blogs and credit card points and miles websites. Using your credit card is an amazingly fantastic way to earn thousands, if not millions, of points and miles. But what about earning cash back on purchases?

With people traveling so much less, the conversation has come around as to earning cash back instead of airlines miles, but the best cards out there still earn 2-3%, or maybe a very limited 6% back for certain products at certain stores.

What about a card that could offer up to 15% cash back, offering a wide variety of stores and options to earn?

It’s here.

The Cash App card

There are dozens of ways to send money to friends or family and to pay bills. Your bank probably offers Zelle. PayPal still exists, and you could always send a check. But a friend sent me a request to send her money via Cash App, and I had to download it, since I’d never heard of it.

(Surprise, if you don’t have Cash App, we do have a referral link. We would, of course, appreciate the $5 referral bonus, but you’ll also get a $5 cash start from them too).

When you sign up with Cash App and link your bank account, you can request a Cash App debit card. It’s customizable with any type of emoji you want on the front. Since we’ve got a new pup, I figured that the money flying away for my dog would be fitting…

Cash App Debit Card

The best part of the debit card? The Boosts

Cash App Boosts

Every week, the cash app allows you to “boost” your card, giving you an immediate cash back credit to your account for every purchase you make at select retailers. These aren’t random places you’ve never heard of, but national chains that offer a wide variety of products and services. Over the course of the past month, I’ve had:

  • 15% back at Walgreens ($7.50 max)
  • 10% back at Home Depot ($7.50 max)
  • 10% back at ANY grocery store ($7.50 max)
  • $5 off ANY purchase anywhere
  • 15% back at any restaurant ($7.50 max)
  • 10% back from Dollar Tree ($7.50 max)
  • 10% back from McDonald’s ($7.50 max)
  • $1 off any Starbucks Purchase
  • 10% back from Walmart ($7.50)

Again, all these boosts reset every WEEK. Making the cash back potential huge.

In the month of July, I used the Walgreens boost 3x, the grocery store boost 4x, the $5 boost 3 times, Home Depot once, and 15% off restaurants 3x.

Total for July in cash back? $76.10, and that’s without even really trying very hard.

How to Sign Up and start getting Cash Back

If you don’t have the Cash App, here’s the link to sign up. You’ll get $5 for signing up, and we will as well (thank you very much in advance).

Once you get your account funded, just follow the in-app instructions to get your debit card. I’ll arrive in about a week to your house and you’re good to go.

Once you get your card, add the boosts in app right before you make a purchase and you’re good to go.

Simple. As. That. Enjoy!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. I already have the Cash App on my phone, but I did not know a debit card was available. I will go into the app and explore. This sounds like a no brainer. Thanks so much!

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  2. Is there a HARD PULL with this application? Please email back the answer if possible.

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    • I didn’t get a hard pull when I set it up

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  3. Read the reviews of Cash App, they are horrible. Based on what I’ve read I would never trust them.

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    • Really? I’ve had nothing but great luck for the past three months. Now, would I send over $10,000? No, but $200 at a time, no worries from me.

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  4. I travel a lot, but I vote for kashback, not miles.

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