They’re Back: More Lufthansa and Swiss First Deals

Earlier this week, we shared a great first class fare to North American in Lufthansa and Swiss First. While those deals were great, they were also short-lived. The exciting news is, those deals are back. The even more exciting news is that there’s are more deals to go along with it.

That feeling after you just scored a great deal for Lufthansa First Class (image courtesy of

The Deals

Thanks again to Flashpacker Max for tipping us off to these deals. In addition to the North American deals, Lufthansa and Swiss are also offering discounted first class fares several other major destinations. These deals also originate in Scandinavia, with the cheapest fares running between Stockholm and China. Unfortunately, unlike the deals to North America, it looks like you’ll actually have to buy two tickets to get the deal this time.

Shanghai – $2,042

Beijing – $2,049

Johannesburg – $2,456

Cape Town – $2,606

Buenos Aires – $2,476

Rio de Janiero – $2,464

Sao Paolo – $2,481

The Dates

Swiss First Class (image courtesy of

The deal is valid for all travel from now until September 30th. You can still return after the 30th. You’ll just need to leave before then. While doing some quick spot checking, availability for this looks wide open. Like, really wide open. You’ll have to stay for a minimum of 6 nights, but longer stays are fine too. You can stay for up to 3 months, which could be a great opportunity to turn this into a 2-for-1 trip. The deal is scheduled to go until December 2nd, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets pulled sooner.

How to Book

The Skyscanner links above should save you $10-20. However, if you’re not comfortable using Skyscanner or want to earn 5x Amex points, you book these directly through Swiss’ website.

To find availability, just head on over to Google Flights and play around with the dates. As of posting this, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding your desired dates, as long as you follow the rules. Make sure to have two passengers selected, as this deal won’t work for work for one passenger this time around.

Where to Credit

Personally, I’d credit these flights to Aegean Airlines’ Miles+Bonus. They offer the most miles on this flight and offer the best return on your miles. The first class portions of the flight will earn 300% of the mileage flown, while the business class portions will earn 200%. For nearly all of these routes, you’d be looking at over 30,000 redeemable miles. Those miles go a long way with Aegean’s Star Alliance partners.

Final Thoughts

Long-haul first class doesn’t get much cheaper than this (unless Cathay Pacific wants to run another sale on New Years). Considering business class fares are often higher, this is tough to beat. If you’re booking for two and you’ve been itching to visit any of these destinations, you’d be pressed to find a better way to get there.

20+ hours in first class, champagne, caviar, a private terminal, and Porsche transfers, anyone?

Author: Stephen Hoechst

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