The State of Alaska opens on June 5th to Tourists

In what seems like a deluge of bad news on the travel front, a bit of good news has arrived. According to a press conference by the (R) governor of the State of Alaska Mike Dunleavy, the state will open on June 5th to tourists… with a catch.

Current Travel Restrictions

Currently the state has a mandatory 14 day quarantine in place for all non-essential travelers to the state of Alaska. This is not only limited to tourists, but also to residents that are returning from visiting the lower 48 and abroad.

In his press conference, Gov. Dunleavy said that while the current restrictions are in place until June 2nd, they’ll extend them until June 5th.

“In an effort to stand up our economy but also continue to protect the health of Alaskans, we’re going to be revising that approach to travel. More details to come… but before you come to Alaska, you’re going to take a test and download a form. This will be downloaded online and also given to the airlines.”

The form he mentions will be very similar in style to the agriculture form that you fill out when you go to visit Hawaii.

“We wanna know for your health… that you’re pretty sure you don’t have the virus before you come to Alaska”

How the form works

Within 72 hours of boarding before boarding for Alaska you’ve got to have a test to show that you’re negative. When you arrive, you’ll be met with officials from the health department of AK. If you test negative, enjoy Alaska. If test positive, you’re not coming, plain and simple.

If you lose your test paperwork, they’re going to provide testing when you leave the plane in Alaska, but expect to wait. If you test negative, you can go on and enjoy your time in Alaska. If you test positive, you can expect isolation and quarantine. Officials will  “have a conversation” to determine the best course of action with you.

Is this for everywhere in Alaska?

Yes, and no…  some small, rural communities that have health care limitations could still limit travel. Imagine that you’re in the middle of nowhere and the closest hospital is a plane ride away. The last thing those types of places need it an influx of tourists from around the world. 

The governor said that they would work with those small communities to make sure that they could still manage tourism and allow people to visit.

While travel is still touch and go for many places, Alaska seems to be inviting you to come visit. For me? I’m a buyer. I’ve been jonesing for a trip and it seems like Alaska just might be the place to be.

Are you going to head to Alaska now that they’re opening?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Booked a trip June 23-28. Juneau and some small towns near there.

    Alaska is the best state in the country by far. Love exploring it!

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    • Yes. I have a work trip on Jun 8 and will get tested Jun 7

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      • Question is. Will your test results come back that fast.

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  2. We have a trip planned for June 18th to Juneau. I have contacted out medical provider. Current tests are taking 3 to 4 days to process. As of today Utah is not testing you if you do not have symptom’s. I can request my Dr to order the test. But I am concerned that We will not be able to comply with your testing as we will have to be tested four days before we leave. Can we get some help on this??

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    • Sounds like I would see if there are any other rapid testing locations. Google found a TON here in Washington that get results back in a day. Perhaps there are also some locations in UT

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  3. Is there a fee for the testing in the airport, (in case my results don’t come back in time)? Any idea how long the test takes, & how they handle red eye flights. For example: if I arrive at midnight, when would they do the test?

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    • Fantastic question – that was cheerfully left out of the news release

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