The New Travel Gadget that is Changing My Life

Travel during the holiday season (and really any time for that matter) can be a chore, and many of us like to retreat into our little world while traveling. I was on a Delta Airlines flight a couple of months ago and saw the passenger next to me plug something into the seat back video. Intrigured, I asked him more about it, and he let me know that it was a wireless travel adapter. It transmitted the sound from the seat back monitor into his Bose QC35 headphones. That way, he could listen to the movie or TV that was playing in the seat back and still use his wireless head phones.

Game. Changer.

Wireless Travel Adapter

If you want to pair your wireless bluetooth headphones with something that is old-school non-bluetooth, then this adapter is the best thing ever. I forgot about it until a couple weeks ago when a friend gifted us an extra that he had. I’ve used it and I have to say, I absolutely love love love love it. Here’s how it works.

  1. Plug the dongle into the seat back monitor
  2. Pair your headphones 
  3. Enjoy!

Not Just for Travel

This is great for sharing an iPad with two kids. Since a few of the options allow for multiple devices, you can share the same device with more than one person. 

Going to the gym? Plug this into the treadmill and listen using your AirPods or other bluetooth headphones and you won’t have cords flapping around everywhere.

RHA Wireless Adapter

RHA Wireless Adapter

This is the first one that we tried and it is awesome. It’s got a dual connection for those annoying two-pronged airline headphone jacks.

BTunes from Amazon

BTunes Adapter

This is the one that the guy had next to me in the plane. It fit discreetly in his Bose headphones case and was easy to store.

Airfly Adapter

This one’s Amazon’s Choice (also available from Best Buy) and I can see why. The reviews speak for itself. It’s slim and easy to store, and easy to pair

Airfly from Best Buy

Airfly Duo

Want to share the same screen but with two headphones? This device will send the sound to two pairs of headphones, great for traveling as a couple of to calm down two kids with one device!

Enjoy your new found freedom from wires!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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