Stuck at Home? How about some Free Wine?

So, travel news is pretty light at the moment. Either people can’t fly, don’t want to fly, or feel that they can’t because of the current health crisis. I get it, it makes sense. We’re booking travel right now for June, July, and beyond because the deals are so good. FREE WINE! That always get’s people’s attention, right?

If you can’t travel or won’t travel and you’re stuck at home, how about getting some potentially free wine out of it? Enter Last Bottle

Last Bottle

I got turned onto Last Bottle Wines by a friend and have been a fan ever since. In their own words:

Last Bottle is a daily purveyor of fine wines. We literally offer you one hand-picked wine per day until it sells out (often in hours) and ship it out to you right away. New day, new wine. Always at incredible prices (30%-70% off retail). We’re not a wine club, there is no subscription — what you see is what you get.

Right now, they’re offering Free Shipping on all the wines and having a Marathon sale. Literally, the wines change every 10-15 minutes, with bottles ranging from $9 to $90. Honestly, I’ve been snagging some bottles at the $12-14 range because that’s my tolerance. There are a couple at the $25 range that looked tempting, but once I went to buy them, they’d sold out. There wines go FAST.

Our first order? $0.79 for insurance on the bottle!

They’re located in the heart of Napa Valley, so they get all the best deals, and some of the one-off left over bottles when a case doesn’t fully sell out. Expect great wines, new, every day.

Referral Warning

Here’s my link – you knew it was coming, right? You’ll get $10 off your first order (free shipping don’t forget) and I’ll get a referral credit as well. Share and share alike, right?

Hey, we’ve all got to get through this together, and what better way than with some discounted amazing bottles of California wine?

Enjoy – and be safe out there y’all!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. When you say “you’ll get a little somthing too”, how much do you get? This helps readers know whether you’re just a shill for them or if it’s actually a good deal for us.

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    • Do you ask the furniture store how much they make by selling you a couch? How about the grocery store for how much they make off a box of raisin bran? No, you don’t, not should you. But in the interest in transparency… the offer ranges between $10-$30, depending on whenever someone signs up.

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  2. This isn’t free – why are you lying.

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    • Why not? My first bottle cost 79 cents for insurance.

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    • It can be free, if you keep checking back until they’re offering a bottle for $9-$10, on which you can use your $10 first order credit.

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  3. Cool site, Jon. I signed up. Thanks!

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    • Glad to hear it! Welcome.

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      • I’m in. Always looking for new wines. Sounds great! Thanks, Jon!

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          • I wish – if you find one – PLEASE let me know.


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