Spirit Airlines 50% off One Day Sale

I can’t believe we’re actually posting about a Spirit airlines sale, no seriously, I can’t believe we’re actually talking about a Spirit Airlines sale, but 50% off is 50% off, so it might be a good deal for some people!

Spirit Airlines is known for… sucking. Like, a lot. Year over year they’re at the bottom of every customer service survey and I think they’ve actually broken Yelp twice.

In the recent past they’ve run sales with titles like “Florida is fine…” “Awwwwtum” and “Raed Tihs Dael Crfualely” so funny puns are the one good thing they have going for them.

Spirit's 50% off sale

Spirit’s 50% off sale

Spirit’s current promotion is “Treat Yo Self to a Trip!” where they are offering 50% off of every* flight in their network.

It’s Wednesday. Might as well do something for you. There’s no better way and no better day to treat yo’ self than today with Spirit Airlines! Honestly, with the Bare FareĀ® you can pretty much treat yo’ self anytime you want. But if you really needed a reason, now you have it.

Like almost everything Spirit related, what you see on the surface may not reflect what you actually get. Lets go through the terms and conditions of this offer.

First off, the sale fare is really simple to use. When you’re booking your flight, make sure to use the promo code 50PCT when booking (all caps, no spaces) and you should see 50% off on your flights. Sounds good right? So what’s the catch? With Spirit, everything is the catch

  1. Only valid on Tuesday and Wednesday
  2. Valid for Travel: 10/26/16 – 2/8/17
  3. Must book by 11:59PM TODAY
  4. Only valid on certain routes.

So yea… Spirit is having a 50% off sale with more conditions that the IRS tax code. Here’s the extensive list of all the places you CAN’T use the coupon:

Coupon usage excludes travel routes to & from:

Armenia, Colombia
Bogota, Colombia
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
Cartagena, Colombia
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Medellin, Colombia
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Atlanta, GA to/from Las Vegas, NV
Dallas, TX to/from New York, NY
Detroit, MI to/from Las Vegas, NV
Detroit, MI to/from Los Angeles, CA
Detroit, MI to/from Orlando, FL
Las Vegas, NV to/from Chicago, IL
Las Vegas, NV to/from Portland, OR

I love how Spirit shows this man relaxing on a beach, yet a good chunk of the places you can’t go involve nice places where you could actually relax. The good news is that Spirit’s route map does offer a lot of other viable options however.

Spirit Route Map

Spirit Route Map

So, if you’ve got some free time, and your idea of fun is SPIRIT AIRLINES then you should probably seek professional assistance, HOWEVER, if money is tight and you want to have a little bit of a getaway, we here at NoMasCoach certainly support your choice in airlines, and think that this Spirit sale might actually provide you some good savings.

Just please make sure that you’re aware of all that comes with Spirit Airlines*, such as baggage fees*, carry-on fees*, airport check in fees*, no free anything*, and uncomfortable seats*.

With that said, will you be taking advantage of this sale*?

*Spirit Airlines will charge you, for everything, with the exception of the bathroom, the air conditioning vent and the emergency oxygen supply, as it is prohibited by federal law.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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