How to get a free Third night with SPG and Mastercard

SPG has a hell of a deal right now for a third night free, and if you play you cards right, you could even stack this to get a fourth night free** with your Citi Prestige Credit Card. This means hundreds of dollars in savings until the end of the year.

SPG MC 3rd Free

The Deal

If you’ve got a trip to Europe, the Middle East, or Africa, then this deal is a huge score for you. Right now book 2 nights and your 3rd is free at almost every hotel in the SPG portfolio. We took a look through the majority of the participating hotels and hotels that we’ve stayed at before (Le Meridien N’Fis for example) are there, and hotels we WANT to visit are also listed.

Stay 2 nights, and your third night is removed at checkout. You’ve got to make the reservation with a Mastercard and pay with a Mastercard, which means no SPG points from your Amex, but that’s ok when you’re getting free nights!

Double Stacking

The Citi Prestige Credit Card’s best benefit is the fourth night free offer. You’ll want to book the room through the concierge, so you can get your fourth night free.

Since you’re getting the third night free, you don’t TECHNICALLY get the fourth night free. Here’s how it works.

If the hotel room is $250 a night, the hotel will charge you (at checkout) for four nights for $750 (1st/2nd/4th). Citi will apply a 25% discount on top of all your discounts ($187.50). Your total for the four night would be $562.50, almost 44% off for a four night stay. You’ll also be able to earn all of your elite benefits and stay credits for the stay.

Call to Book

You can call the Concierge to book at 1-561-922-0158 and when you get your hotel, reference SPG code M3D.

If you don't have the Citi Prestige card, you can sign up below using our credit card link. We're greatly appreciative of every one!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. It’s Europe, Middle East, and AFRICA, not Asia 🙂

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  2. Doesn’t apply to properties in Asia

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  3. You got my hopes up, but only Europe, ME and Africa, no Asia.

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    • Fixing it now …

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    • Fixed it 🙂

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  4. The “promo” rates are about 50% higher than the regular rates. It’s a trap

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    • I’m hearing admiral Ackbar in my mind 🙂

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