Solar Impulse: Win a trip to Abu Dhabi

In hopes to bring more attention to their cause, Solar Impulse is giving away a trip to Abu Dhabi for 2 to one lucky winner to witness its landing in their host city.

According to their website:

All you need to do to have a chance of being the lucky winner is to enter your email address here. If you already have an account on or, no need, you will automatically be eligible. The winner will be selected randomly and 2nd and 3rd prizes will also be given to the next two names we pull out of the hat. We will start giving out the results as soon as we land in Cairo so don’t panic if you don’t get any news from us before that 😉


1st Prize

  1. 2 airplane tickets from anywhere in the world to Abu Dhabi and back (for you and your spouse, kid, friend…)
  2. Accommodation in Abu Dhabi for 2 nights. Food and transportation outside of the Solar Impulse experience will be at your own expenses
  3. 2 invitations for Solar Impulse’s landing in Al Bateen airport
  4. A VIP visit of the airplane where you will meet the pilots and the team
  5. A visit of Masdar City
  6. A cell on the aircraft (we don’t actually give you a cell, but we give your name to one of the cells, check it out here)
  7. The only catch is that we don’t know exactly when we’ll be arriving in Abu Dhabi, since it always depends on the weather. But seeing how things are going it should be around the 15-20th of July. So don’t plan anything for that week!

2nd Prize

  1. An official pilot jacket, with the pilots’ signatures
  2. A cell on the aircraft

3nd Prize

  1. A limited edition of the Si2 scale model, with the pilots’ signatures
  2. A cell on the aircraft


I’m part sad, yet relieved, that they’re not giving away a round the world trip on their own plane, because that would make the environmentalist geek in me super excited, but I don’t think I could sweet talk my way into a 4 and a half month vacation…

I don’t know about you, but this project really excites me. Not because it will go into consumer aviation anytime soon, but because it proves that the field can be advanced and given the proper time and money, some improvements towards better resource utilization can be put into place to make sure we’re leaving a legacy of conservationism.

To enter, go to their website and submit the form with your email address. I already have 🙂

Good luck!

Author: Ben Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Wow that would be amazing to go see.

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    • I hope you win!

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      • Actually, I hope I win 😉 No offense!

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