Shower and Workout Facilities in Detroit’s Airport Westin

When you fly into an airport after a redeye, you’re never quite yourself. Chances are you didn’t sleep at all on the flight, or if you did it wasn’t that good. I know that on a recent flight to Detroit my flight landed at 5am and my first meeting was at 830. This wouldn’t give me much time to get in a workout or a shower, but neverfear. The Airport Westin in DTW has easy to access shower and workout facilities for a reasonable price.

Terminal Entrance

The entrance to the Westin is in the McNamara terminal (Delta) so if you land on another airline, there is a free shuttle that will take you over to the other terminal. Walk down the small “jetway” and you’ll be dumped into the main atrium of the Westin. Excuse the darkness of the photos, as it was 5am.

Westin Detroit Airport Westin Detroit Airport

Westin Detroit Airport

The hotel does have a really nifty feature in that there is a private security line which gets you straight into the terminal. You don’t have to be staying at the Westin to use it, as I noticed that many people were using the line. It’s a heck of a lot shorter than the line inside the Delta terminal for sure!

Westin Detroit Airport Security Entrance

Special Security Entrance

I checked in at the front desk and paid only $15 to use the facilities for the day. While I was only going to use it for the morning, it was nice to know that if I wanted to come back to use them in the evening, I could. When I mentioned to her that I was a platinum member, she was kind enough to also give me access to the executive lounge so I could have a nice breakfast afterwards. Extra perk! More on that later.

Westin Detroit Airport Fitness Studio

The Fitness Studio

The elevator was under construction, so we had to take the back stairs to get up to the Fitness Studio. 

By this time it was 6:15 AM and it was empty, quite surprising considering it was a weekday and I would have assumed that more people would have been working out. There was a small cardio area…

Westin Detroit Airport Fitness

Weight rack and yoga mats/exercise balls…

Westin Detroit Airport Fitness

And a refrigerator with cold towels… a nice touch!

Westin Detroit Airport Fitness

You also had access to the jacuzzi and pool. Since it was empty I made sure to take a relaxing dip in the jacuzzi after my workout. It helped to relax me and loosen up the muscles, especially after a hard workout.

Westin Detroit Airport Fitness Westin Detroit Airport Fitness

Executive Lounge

After that I headed up to the executive lounge to give it try and have a healthy breakfast. There was an oatmeal and fruit station

Westin Detroit Airport Executive Lounge

Caprese salad and fresh fruit section

Westin Detroit Airport Executive Lounge

Breads and pastries

Westin Detroit Airport Executive Lounge

And plenty of seating options. Again, almost empty!

Westin Detroit Airport Executive Lounge Westin Detroit Airport Executive Lounge

Once it was all said and done I headed back out and enjoyed some awesome views of the planes waiting to take off.

What do you do after a redeye? Would you spring for a workout and a shower?

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Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Wow! That is a GREAT deal. Did you get the impression that they would give lounge access to anyone with platinum status?

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