Seattle Delta Skyclub Breakfast Review, Covid Edition

The Seattle Skyclub continues to get rave reviews from passengers heading to and through Sea-Tac airport. The club is spacious, new, and offers tons of food and drink options.

Things have changed slightly for their breakfast offerings (and lunch/dinner as well) but as we were passing through early morning on a trip to Buenos Aires, we figured we’d give you an idea of what to expect in the Seattle Delta Skyclub and, to a certain extent, breakfast offerings in other Skyclubs as well.

Masks Required

As a reminder, masks are still required inside of all airports across the United States. This includes the Delta SkyClub inside of said airport. Delta makes sure to remind you of that with tons of signage all over the club.

You’re of course allowed to remove your mask to eat, but are expected to put it back on when youre not ACTIVELY eating or drinking. Please note the word active. That’s all I’ll say about it here.

Carbohydrate Breakfast Options

Blueberry and Banana Muffins, Butter Croissants, and Orange Poppy, Lemon Glaze, and Marbled Chocolate breads are on offer.

They’ll all be individually wrapped so feel free to take a few with you for the road. They’re actually actively encouraging it in this lounge!

Side note – I don’t know how they did it, but the loaf bread was sliced with a lightsaber – it’s paper thin!

Cereal is available as well in cups, just ask for milk to fill it on up.

You’ll get a chance at some Greek yogurt with fruit and granola (in Seattle it’s Ellenos!) or just plain Greek yogurt.


Coffee / Tea / Juice are all available of course, but with all skyclubs, you get access to a full bar.

Currently you can get an entire bottle of Dom Perignon for 10,000 skymiles or $200. For me, this is one of the best uses of Skymiles that exists out there.

If you don’t want to spend 10,000 miles on a bottle of Dom, Laurent-Perrier Rose is available for 4,500 miles or Veuve Cliqout is on offer for only 3,900 miles.

Champagne is one of the absolute best uses of Skymiles to date and you can have some high end fancy mimosas for your entire party.

(Note – I do not endorse using Dom Perignon for a mimosa…)


There’s plenty of open seating, but be aware that some seats are still blocked off for social distancing. If you have a large party all traveling together or you’re in a family group, you can ignore the signs as they’ll let you all sit together as a family unit.

Bottom Line

The offerings haven’t been downbgraded too much, and for me now more than ever the lounge is a great haven to be isolated from the huddled masses yearning to travel free in the main airport area.

Just remember that the the offerings will be more carb, more take away, and whereas the sky clubs before had signs everywhere that said “products are for consumption in the sky club” I’ve seen those rules relaxed a little more lately. Hopefully things will be returning back to normal soon.

Do you have a favorite Skyclub in the Delta system?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. I was traveling through Austin last week and was very impressed with their SkyClub-hot scrambled eggs with warm tortillas, salsa, cheese as well as the usual fruit, yogurt, breads. The service was wonderful-warm and friendly, the club is large with a lot of seating (inside and out). I’m so happy it’s open and serving again!

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  2. I just finished a mileage run and visited several Sky Clubs along the way: lunchtime in Detroit and 3 different Atalanta clubs, and evening food in Salt Lake City. (Surprise) the best was Detroit! Make no mistake, it’s nothing like Seattle, but the food was a full buffet of much better food than pre-pandemic and they had thoughtful new snacks arranged at different places. They didn’t have champagne (that I’m aware of), sorry Jon.

    After Detroit I was anxious to see what ATL had to offer. The first place I stopped was their international terminal (F) which had the same menu as DTW but all of the salads were pre-packaged in a large cooler. Not appetizing, felt like the middle of the pandemic. I then went hunting to a couple of their other clubs (long layover) and found the same. No thoughtful snacks outside the main food area. But a nice premium wine selection.

    Missing from ATL was their fabulous pimento cheese that was offered during the summer pre-pandemic.

    SLC was later in the day and they had a couple of the great lunch salads on a buffet along with some thoughtful small sandwiches. Nice big platter of cheese, salami, blackberries, and walnuts. But they seemed to struggle a bit to keep up with the small demand of the club – maybe they were short staffed. SLC was better than ATL.

    Don’t have a favorite Club but I enjoy the (very small) local deviations to serve something all their own. SEA is really great, but I usually head to the AMEX club around the corner. Their premium wine is free and a couple of notches above the DL free stuff.

    As an aside, three of my domestic legs on this trip were on international layouts. Old-style herring bone layout in First on the 330’s, Delta One cabins on a 767. Great seats, but the snack packs were worse than pre-pandemic coach and the service was quite minimal. The only upside was not having a stranger next to you in the window seats.

    So glad to see you on the airwaves again.

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    • Thanks Beau – good to hear from you as well. So I’m gathering that it’s pretty hit or miss, or so it would seem. Interesting, I wonder if that has to do with local laws

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