SAD! Trump Hotel won’t move forward in Dallas as planned

The plans to have a new Scion hotel, a Trump brand hotel, opened in Dallas has been scrapped according to the developers and the city council. The project was drawing a lot of media attention and attention from both sides of the aisle, and that’s not something that the developer wanted.

According to reports, the Trump organization requested that the developer look for another company after the developer criticized the group for going into business with Trump.

Scion Hotels

Is this the new Trump Hotel?? From the Car Connection

According to a statement from the Trump Hotels, “The current situation is the result of a phone call this developer made to our company asking whether he should pursue the project with the city council. We told him that he should not,” Trump Hotels said Thursday in an emailed statement. “This developer made quite a bit of noise about a potential deal and now there is more noise about the possible dissolving of this deal.”

Trump Hotel

Trump Hotel

Originally the project was going to be funded by US and overseas money with no equity being actually put in by the Trump organization.

If you remember from a few months back, we talked about the new “hip and cool” Trump branded hotel chain, Scion. The idea of the hotel was to attract a younger crowd that would appear to lower priced accommodations, but it’s had some trouble getting off the ground, especially since a large majority of the youth population is opposed to Trump and all things Trump.

According to a Dallas Councilman Philip Kingston, the Trump brand is “… a bad brand and we have to protect the Dallas brand,” Kingston said. “We’re trying to sell ourselves internationally as a city that’s welcome and open for business travelers, new residents, innovators, young professionals, and the president is an extremely bad brand. He’s a hateful and ignorant man who says things that are hurtful to the people I care about.”

Ouch. Harsh words coming from Texas.

Trump Wrong Gif


So, what do you think. Would you give the Trump low-cost-hip-cool brand a try? Or is it too much of a toxic brand for you? Share your thoughts below.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. “Hip” and “Cool” and Trump–yea, I don’t think so. If that’s the objective of the developer, why he would ever approach Trump is laughable. For Dallas, perhaps a Viceroy, a Thompson, a Standard, a SOHO house.. an ACE (not sure Dallas fits) would be much less toxic options.

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  2. Ah, in a word, no! Toxic, yes. I’d sooner pitch a tent at the nearest KOA.

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