Russian Pilots under investigation for drawing a “Sky Penis”

Today, in “news you don’t hear every day,” two Russian Pilots are under investigation for drawing a giant penis in the sky with their airplane.

Quite the ballsy move if you ask me…

The pilots were said to have made the cocky decision to fly a giant penis in the air over Neftekamsk to stand in solidarity with a Russian football star who made a video of himself masturbating, before it was leaked to the public.

Pobeda Airlines flight DP407 was taking off from Moscow en route to Yekaterinburg when it made some… very unique maneuvers in the air in the Russian sky, making what looks like, to anyone who attended middle school, a giant penis.


The pilots say that they had “permission to conduct tests on the radio navigation equipment” and that claim is currently being investigated. The authorities are also investigating exactly what happened during the procedure, as the skies during that time of day were quite busy, and making those moves could have placed the passengers, and other airplanes, at risk.

The stunt was in apparent support of Russian football star Artem Dzyuba, who was banned from any international competition after a sexual video of him was leaked to the internet. The Russian State police is investigating a claim of blackmail for said video.

The plane landed, albeit only about 20 minutes late.

What’s your thoughts on the sky graffiti? Should the pilots have made such a protest?

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Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. I’m sure drawing a good sky penis can be really hard, but it appears these pilots rose to the occasion. Feats such as this lead to the inevitable question, who has drawn the biggest one?

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  2. @ Jon — Now THAT’S a big one! 😉

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  3. must be hard to do

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