Review: Park Hotel, Larissa, Greece

Larissa, the capital of the Thessaly region of Greece, wasn’t originally on our radar. We needed a large-ish city that would have a few options for hotels to try and get a good deal and a quality hotel. Larissa was that city, as it was just about a 4 hour drive north of Athens and a good stopping off point for our Mt Olympus tour the next day.

The Park Hotel Larissa was located on the corner of the main square in downtown Larissa and parking was at the underground municipal parking lot across the street.

Park Hotel Larissa

The hotel was quite empty, and checkin was quite and efficient. There was a large waiting area, although since we were the only one here, it was quite empty.

Park Hotel Larissa Park Hotel Larissa

We booked this room through and got a great rate of 52 euros. We also got 8% cash back on the booking through TopCashBack. If you’re not a member of TopCashBack, sign up here. It’s our referral link, so we’ll get $10 and you will as well when you sign up.

The large room had a king size bed and a single bed against the wall.

Park Hotel Larissa Room Park Hotel Larissa Room

The cozy bathroom was clean and bright, with a good sized glass shower and “sanitized” toilet. It always makes me chuckle when I see this, because usually it’s just slipped over the lid so I’m kind of skeptical. This hotel took its room cleanliness very seriously however, so I give it some credence.

Park Hotel Larissa Bathroom

Park Hotel Larissa Room

There was a small working desk and a large wardrobe.

Park Hotel Larissa Room

Park Hotel Larissa Room

The patio overlooked the main square and it was a hub of activity for the small town.

Park Hotel Larissa City Center

This hotel really takes pride in its hotel and its guests. We had a swan/dragon/crane Cyclops animal with a flashlight for an eye. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything this unique in all my hotel stays. All the amenities in the hotel were branded as such, from the room key, to the soap, toothbrush, razor, even the razor-thin slippers.

Park Hotel Larissa Park Hotel Larissa Park Hotel Larissa

The true icing on the cake however was the cupcake papers used as glass covers. I mean, why not!

Park Hotel Larissa

Breakfast the next morning was actually pretty good! The selection ranged from spinach and cheese pies to meats and cheeses to cakes… even frozen yogurt!

Park Hotel Larissa Breakfast Park Hotel Larissa Breakfast Park Hotel Larissa Breakfast Park Hotel Larissa Breakfast Park Hotel Larissa Breakfast

Outside the hotel on the sidewalk was what most Greeks consider a breakfast… coffee and a cigarette.

Park Hotel Larissa Breakfast

The Park Hotel Larissa is a great hotel. It’s reasonably priced, it’s clean, it’s well located, and the customer service was top notch. What more could you ask for? Mind you, the night before we were staying at the King George hotel, and I think most things would be a step down from that. However, for where we were and what we needed for the night, it met all of our needs and expectations. We would not hesitate to return here again and explore more that the city has to offer.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. This is my hometown. The square is NOT the main square, actually it may not even be in the top two squares. The main/central square is much bigger and then there is the more hip “Triangle Square”, both withing walking distance.
    Nice to see a review of a hotel in my hometown! Yeah, it is a bit of a step down from King George, lol.
    Hope you got out to see the ancient theater and other recent excavations. And I hope you got to drink coffee at a Mikel, the Starbucks of Greece…with much better coffee and service. And watching a soccer game of the local AEL soccer team would be something VERY memorable.

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    • Small world, eh? We would love to go back. It was only after we left we heard about the ruins that were unearthed. I guess there is always another post!

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  2. ok, you have to share how you guys manage to take these trips, and work full time. How many days vacation do you get per year? How many days was this trip

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    • Ha! That’s the fun part, eh? Managing to work all this stuff into a normal work schedule and vacations. Ben gets about 2 weeks and I get about 3, give or take 🙂

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