Review: Caesar’s Palace, Palace Tower Junior Suite

I was recently at a business conference in Las Vegas and had the chance to stay at the Caesar’s Palace. I was booked into the cheapest room possible, but that wasn’t going to work for NoMasCoach, now was it?!

Fake it till you Make it

I checked into the hotel and went to the Platinum line. I knew full well that the SPG/Total Rewards partnership ended a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean I can’t play dumb. I went up and said that my account should have still been in platinum status, right? She said that she’s sorry that the partnership ended, but she would still help me out. Lady Luck was shining down on me already!

I got out my wallet and asked very politely if there were any upgrades available (while fumbling through my wallet and grabbed a $20). I handed her that with my credit card and drivers license. 4 mintues later after a lot of typing into the computer, a Junior Suite opened right up! That’s two wins!

The Suite

There was a long hallway when you entered the suite, on the right was a wall of closets, four to be exact. The first door on the left was the guest bathroom…

Caesar’s Palace Walkway

… and the second the master bathroom. Interestingly enough the shower connects both the guest bathroom and the master bathroom.

The bathroom for the Suite

A Bidet!

Gorgeous details in the Suite bathroom

Does look a little cheesy being painted on

The master bathroom had a bidet (nice touch!) and great details all around. Marble accents around the faucets and tub, although I never used the tub. Do many people actually USE the tub in hotels?

There was a large sofa and seating area, king bed, and plenty of storage around the TV.

Large Sofa Seating Area

Caesar’s Palace Suite

Be very careful, however… there is no coffee in the room. If you want coffee you have to open the “coffee kit” which consists of cream, sugar, and a K Cup. One… single… solitary… K Cup. The cost? $12.50 plus tax and service fee.


The view from the room wasn’t that exciting, but you did get a view of the pool. I went down to check it out later and it was hopping. FULL of people on a gorgeous 82 degree fall day.

Caesar’s Palace Pool

The hotel restaurant also had a fantastic restaurant where I got to try out an amazing Osso Bucco.

Osso Bucco! YESSSSS

My Thoughts

See, here’s the thing about Vegas. You’re probably not spending that much time in your hotel, right? So why pay $300 a night for a hotel room? Sure, the pool is nice, but I gotta say, paying $12.50 for a coffee and then getting a so-so room with no view isn’t my idea of a good time. Would I go back to Caesar’s? Sure, if someone else is paying. But I think there are a lot better options on the strip, especially if you’re just there to see some shows and gamble.

What do you think? Did you like Caesar’s Palace? What’s your favorite Vegas property?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Great review. Now makes me reconsider using any Total Rewards there unless it gives me a good discount.

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