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Lyon is an often overlooked city on the typical tourism routes in France. While Paris, Nice, and Bordeaux pull a lot of tourism, the food capital of France doesn’t always get picked up on a lot of radar. The Radisson Blu Lyon occupies the top most floors of one of the iconic skyscrapers in the city. While ridiculously expensive while booking a cash rate, the points option is probably your best bet.

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Getting to the room was a challenge. After the car park, you head to the building lobby. From there you take a special elevator to the hotel (on floor 32). Then, you go to a NEW elevator and head to your rooms (floors 33 and above).

a city with many buildings

Elite Benefits?

We’re Gold members of the Radisson Rewards, but that doesn’t necessarily mean much in their program. While we’re supposed to get an upgrade, none was offered. We were told that since we booked our reservation on points, not all the benefits would be the same. Since battling in French is not my strong suit, I just decided to let this one go and not fight it out. We were only here for one night and I really just wanted a comfortable bed.

It should be noted, however, that no matter if you book with cash OR with points, the benefits are the same.

The Room

The hotel is in one giant circle, so the rooms all are outwards facing and pretty narrow. Our room was booked with two beds, and they had a small seating area with desk near the window.

a circular diagram of a building

The views of the city were pretty awesome from the room.

a room with two beds and a window with a view of a city

A flat screen TV was in the wall (thank goodness, because otherwise there’d be no space)

a room with a tv and a bed

Just to the side of the bed was a narrow closet with ironing board, coffee maker, minifridge (and minibar) and safe.

a ironing board on a rack a safe in a cabinet a coffee pot and tea cups on a table

The bathroom was actually a fairly decent sized area, with the euro shower that I just can’t stand. Seriously. Why are these half glass panels a thing? Every time I shower I end up soaking the floor. I just don’t understand… I never will…

a bathtub and shower with glass door a bathroom with a mirror and sink

There was a small welcome gift from hotel management. It was a box of Lyonnais sweets and an “artisanal lemonade,†whatever that is…

a bottle of liquid next to a box


I would love to give you a review of the breakfast, but you have to truly ask yourself if paying 20 euros is worth it in France. If we’re being honest with each other, you will find much better value leaving the hotel, walking in any direction, and finding a bakery or café with a 2 euro coffee and 2 euro pastry. Done, and done.

The hotel was clean, had working climate control (another pet peeve in Europe) and the location was perfectly fine for exploring the city. While some people don’t want to make the 25 minute walk into the city and would opt for something closer, there is a tram stop right in front of the hotel. 10 minutes and you’re in the city!

If the cash rates allow it, go for those, but honestly since Radisson points aren’t that hard to come by via stays and credit card spend, the free night options might be your good bet.

Have you been to Lyon? What are your favorite places to stay?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. How many points per night?

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    • 28000 at the time

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  2. I stayed at the Crowne Plaza (pretty new hotel at the time) when it was on the “Point Breaks” list for 5000 IHG points. Loved Lyon!

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